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Published: Nov 23, 2022 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 3 Imported by: 0




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var MapLink string

MapLink link to a map hosted by https server


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type ConfigStruct

type ConfigStruct struct {
	// DevMode if true, no https server will be started, only plain http
	DevMode bool `yaml:"dev_mode"`

	// TelegramToken is a bot token for Telegram API
	TelegramToken string `yaml:"telegram_token"`

	// HttpDomain should be filled when you want the bot to
	// host a https site with sockets map
	// if this field is empty, https server won't run
	HttpDomain string `yaml:"http_domain"`

	// HttpListen should contain [address]:<port>
	// example: ":80" or ""
	HttpListen string `yaml:"http_listen"`

	// HttpsListen should contain [address]:<port>
	// example: ":443" or ""
	HttpsListen string `yaml:"https_listen"`

	// GoogleToken is a token for Google maps API
	GoogleToken string `yaml:"google_token"`

	// KMLDownload enables feature of fetching sockets from custom google map
	// it's a legacy feature
	KMLDownload bool `yaml:"kml_download"`

	// DonationLink is shown in a help message if not empty
	DonationLink string `yaml:"donation_link"`
var Config ConfigStruct

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