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type Cmd

type Cmd struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCmd

func NewCmd(d io.Writer) *Cmd

func (*Cmd) HandleComplete

func (c *Cmd) HandleComplete(b []byte) error

func (*Cmd) HandleStatus

func (c *Cmd) HandleStatus(b []byte) error

func (*Cmd) Send

func (c *Cmd) Send(cp CmdParam) ([]byte, error)

func (*Cmd) SendAndCheckResp

func (c *Cmd) SendAndCheckResp(cp CmdParam, exp []byte) error

type CmdParam

type CmdParam interface {
	Opcode() int
	Len() int

type Disconnect

type Disconnect struct {
	ConnectionHandle uint16
	Reason           uint8

Disconnect (0x0006)

func (Disconnect) Len

func (c Disconnect) Len() int

func (Disconnect) Marshal

func (c Disconnect) Marshal(b []byte)

func (Disconnect) Opcode

func (c Disconnect) Opcode() int

type DisconnectRP

type DisconnectRP struct{}

No Return Parameters, Check for Disconnection Complete Event

type Flush

type Flush struct{ ConnectionHandle uint16 }

Flush (0x0008)

func (Flush) Len

func (c Flush) Len() int

func (Flush) Marshal

func (c Flush) Marshal(b []byte)

func (Flush) Opcode

func (c Flush) Opcode() int

type HostBufferSize

type HostBufferSize struct {
	HostACLDataPacketLength            uint16
	HostSynchronousDataPacketLength    uint8
	HostTotalNumACLDataPackets         uint16
	HostTotalNumSynchronousDataPackets uint16

Write Host Buffer Size (0x0033)

func (HostBufferSize) Len

func (c HostBufferSize) Len() int

func (HostBufferSize) Marshal

func (c HostBufferSize) Marshal(b []byte)

func (HostBufferSize) Opcode

func (c HostBufferSize) Opcode() int

type HostBufferSizeRP

type HostBufferSizeRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LEAddDeviceToWhiteList

type LEAddDeviceToWhiteList struct {
	AddressType uint8
	Address     [6]byte

LE Add Device To White List (0x0011)

func (LEAddDeviceToWhiteList) Len

func (c LEAddDeviceToWhiteList) Len() int

func (LEAddDeviceToWhiteList) Marshal

func (c LEAddDeviceToWhiteList) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEAddDeviceToWhiteList) Opcode

func (c LEAddDeviceToWhiteList) Opcode() int

type LEAddDeviceToWhiteListRP

type LEAddDeviceToWhiteListRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LEClearWhiteList

type LEClearWhiteList struct{}

LE Clear White List (0x0010)

func (LEClearWhiteList) Len

func (c LEClearWhiteList) Len() int

func (LEClearWhiteList) Marshal

func (c LEClearWhiteList) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEClearWhiteList) Opcode

func (c LEClearWhiteList) Opcode() int

type LEClearWhiteListRP

type LEClearWhiteListRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LEConnUpdate

type LEConnUpdate struct {
	ConnectionHandle   uint16
	ConnIntervalMin    uint16
	ConnIntervalMax    uint16
	ConnLatency        uint16
	SupervisionTimeout uint16
	MinimumCELength    uint16
	MaximumCELength    uint16

LE Connection Update (0x0013)

func (LEConnUpdate) Len

func (c LEConnUpdate) Len() int

func (LEConnUpdate) Marshal

func (c LEConnUpdate) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEConnUpdate) Opcode

func (c LEConnUpdate) Opcode() int

type LEConnUpdateRP

type LEConnUpdateRP struct{}

type LECreateConn

type LECreateConn struct {
	LEScanInterval        uint16
	LEScanWindow          uint16
	InitiatorFilterPolicy uint8
	PeerAddressType       uint8
	PeerAddress           [6]byte
	OwnAddressType        uint8
	ConnIntervalMin       uint16
	ConnIntervalMax       uint16
	ConnLatency           uint16
	SupervisionTimeout    uint16
	MinimumCELength       uint16
	MaximumCELength       uint16

LE Create Connection (0x000D)

func (LECreateConn) Len

func (c LECreateConn) Len() int

func (LECreateConn) Marshal

func (c LECreateConn) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LECreateConn) Opcode

func (c LECreateConn) Opcode() int

type LECreateConnCancel

type LECreateConnCancel struct{}

LE Create Connection Cancel (0x000E)

func (LECreateConnCancel) Len

func (c LECreateConnCancel) Len() int

func (LECreateConnCancel) Marshal

func (c LECreateConnCancel) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LECreateConnCancel) Opcode

func (c LECreateConnCancel) Opcode() int

type LECreateConnCancelRP

type LECreateConnCancelRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LECreateConnRP

type LECreateConnRP struct{}

type LEEncrypt

type LEEncrypt struct {
	Key           [16]byte
	PlaintextData [16]byte

LE Encrypt (0x0017)

func (LEEncrypt) Len

func (c LEEncrypt) Len() int

func (LEEncrypt) Marshal

func (c LEEncrypt) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEEncrypt) Opcode

func (c LEEncrypt) Opcode() int

type LEEncryptRP

type LEEncryptRP struct {
	Stauts        uint8
	EncryptedData [16]byte

type LELTKNegReply

type LELTKNegReply struct{ ConnectionHandle uint16 }

LE Long Term Key Negative Reply (0x001B)

func (LELTKNegReply) Len

func (c LELTKNegReply) Len() int

func (LELTKNegReply) Marshal

func (c LELTKNegReply) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LELTKNegReply) Opcode

func (c LELTKNegReply) Opcode() int

type LELTKNegReplyRP

type LELTKNegReplyRP struct {
	Status           uint8
	ConnectionHandle uint16

type LELTKReply

type LELTKReply struct {
	ConnectionHandle uint16
	LongTermKey      [16]byte

LE Long Term Key Reply (0x001A)

func (LELTKReply) Len

func (c LELTKReply) Len() int

func (LELTKReply) Marshal

func (c LELTKReply) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LELTKReply) Opcode

func (c LELTKReply) Opcode() int

type LELTKReplyRP

type LELTKReplyRP struct {
	Status           uint8
	ConnectionHandle uint16

type LERand

type LERand struct{}

LE Rand (0x0018)

func (LERand) Len

func (c LERand) Len() int

func (LERand) Marshal

func (c LERand) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LERand) Opcode

func (c LERand) Opcode() int

type LERandRP

type LERandRP struct {
	Status       uint8
	RandomNumber uint64

type LEReadAdvertisingChannelTxPower

type LEReadAdvertisingChannelTxPower struct{}

LE Read Advertising Channel Tx Power (0x0007)

func (LEReadAdvertisingChannelTxPower) Len

func (LEReadAdvertisingChannelTxPower) Marshal

func (c LEReadAdvertisingChannelTxPower) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEReadAdvertisingChannelTxPower) Opcode

type LEReadAdvertisingChannelTxPowerRP

type LEReadAdvertisingChannelTxPowerRP struct {
	Status             uint8
	TransmitPowerLevel uint8

type LEReadBufferSize

type LEReadBufferSize struct{}

LE Read Buffer Size (0x0002)

func (LEReadBufferSize) Len

func (c LEReadBufferSize) Len() int

func (LEReadBufferSize) Marshal

func (c LEReadBufferSize) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEReadBufferSize) Opcode

func (c LEReadBufferSize) Opcode() int

type LEReadBufferSizeRP

type LEReadBufferSizeRP struct {
	Status                     uint8
	HCLEACLDataPacketLength    uint16
	HCTotalNumLEACLDataPackets uint8

type LEReadChannelMap

type LEReadChannelMap struct{ ConnectionHandle uint16 }

LE Read Channel Map (0x0015)

func (LEReadChannelMap) Len

func (c LEReadChannelMap) Len() int

func (LEReadChannelMap) Marshal

func (c LEReadChannelMap) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEReadChannelMap) Opcode

func (c LEReadChannelMap) Opcode() int

type LEReadChannelMapRP

type LEReadChannelMapRP struct {
	Status           uint8
	ConnectionHandle uint16
	ChannelMap       [5]byte

type LEReadLocalSupportedFeatures

type LEReadLocalSupportedFeatures struct{}

LE Read Local Supported Features (0x0003)

func (LEReadLocalSupportedFeatures) Len

func (LEReadLocalSupportedFeatures) Marshal

func (c LEReadLocalSupportedFeatures) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEReadLocalSupportedFeatures) Opcode

func (c LEReadLocalSupportedFeatures) Opcode() int

type LEReadLocalSupportedFeaturesRP

type LEReadLocalSupportedFeaturesRP struct {
	Status     uint8
	LEFeatures uint64

type LEReadRemoteUsedFeatures

type LEReadRemoteUsedFeatures struct{ ConnectionHandle uint16 }

LE Read Remote Used Features (0x0016)

func (LEReadRemoteUsedFeatures) Len

func (c LEReadRemoteUsedFeatures) Len() int

func (LEReadRemoteUsedFeatures) Marshal

func (c LEReadRemoteUsedFeatures) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEReadRemoteUsedFeatures) Opcode

func (c LEReadRemoteUsedFeatures) Opcode() int

type LEReadRemoteUsedFeaturesRP

type LEReadRemoteUsedFeaturesRP struct{}

type LEReadSupportedStates

type LEReadSupportedStates struct{}

LE Read Supported States (0x001C)

func (LEReadSupportedStates) Len

func (c LEReadSupportedStates) Len() int

func (LEReadSupportedStates) Marshal

func (c LEReadSupportedStates) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEReadSupportedStates) Opcode

func (c LEReadSupportedStates) Opcode() int

type LEReadSupportedStatesRP

type LEReadSupportedStatesRP struct {
	Status   uint8
	LEStates [8]byte

type LEReadWhiteListSize

type LEReadWhiteListSize struct{}

LE Read White List Size (0x000F)

func (LEReadWhiteListSize) Len

func (c LEReadWhiteListSize) Len() int

func (LEReadWhiteListSize) Marshal

func (c LEReadWhiteListSize) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEReadWhiteListSize) Opcode

func (c LEReadWhiteListSize) Opcode() int

type LEReadWhiteListSizeRP

type LEReadWhiteListSizeRP struct {
	Status        uint8
	WhiteListSize uint8

type LEReceiverTest

type LEReceiverTest struct{ RxChannel uint8 }

LE Reciever Test (0x001D)

func (LEReceiverTest) Len

func (c LEReceiverTest) Len() int

func (LEReceiverTest) Marshal

func (c LEReceiverTest) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEReceiverTest) Opcode

func (c LEReceiverTest) Opcode() int

type LEReceiverTestRP

type LEReceiverTestRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LERemoteConnectionParameterNegReply

type LERemoteConnectionParameterNegReply struct {
	ConnectionHandle uint16
	Reason           uint8

LE Remote Connection Parameters Negative Reply (0x0021)

func (LERemoteConnectionParameterNegReply) Len

func (LERemoteConnectionParameterNegReply) Marshal

func (LERemoteConnectionParameterNegReply) Opcode

type LERemoteConnectionParameterNegReplyRP

type LERemoteConnectionParameterNegReplyRP struct {
	Status           uint8
	ConnectionHandle uint16

type LERemoteConnectionParameterReply

type LERemoteConnectionParameterReply struct {
	ConnectionHandle uint16
	IntervalMin      uint16
	IntervalMax      uint16
	Latency          uint16
	Timeout          uint16
	MinimumCELength  uint16
	MaximumCELength  uint16

LE Remote Connection Parameters Reply (0x0020)

func (LERemoteConnectionParameterReply) Len

func (LERemoteConnectionParameterReply) Marshal

func (c LERemoteConnectionParameterReply) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LERemoteConnectionParameterReply) Opcode

type LERemoteConnectionParameterReplyRP

type LERemoteConnectionParameterReplyRP struct {
	Status           uint8
	ConnectionHandle uint16

type LERemoveDeviceFromWhiteList

type LERemoveDeviceFromWhiteList struct {
	AddressType uint8
	Address     [6]byte

LE Remove Device From White List (0x0012)

func (LERemoveDeviceFromWhiteList) Len

func (LERemoveDeviceFromWhiteList) Marshal

func (c LERemoveDeviceFromWhiteList) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LERemoveDeviceFromWhiteList) Opcode

func (c LERemoveDeviceFromWhiteList) Opcode() int

type LERemoveDeviceFromWhiteListRP

type LERemoveDeviceFromWhiteListRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LESetAdvertiseEnable

type LESetAdvertiseEnable struct{ AdvertisingEnable uint8 }

LE Set Advertising Enable (0x000A)

func (LESetAdvertiseEnable) Len

func (c LESetAdvertiseEnable) Len() int

func (LESetAdvertiseEnable) Marshal

func (c LESetAdvertiseEnable) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LESetAdvertiseEnable) Opcode

func (c LESetAdvertiseEnable) Opcode() int

type LESetAdvertiseEnableRP

type LESetAdvertiseEnableRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LESetAdvertisingData

type LESetAdvertisingData struct {
	AdvertisingDataLength uint8
	AdvertisingData       [31]byte

LE Set Advertising Data (0x0008)

func (LESetAdvertisingData) Len

func (c LESetAdvertisingData) Len() int

func (LESetAdvertisingData) Marshal

func (c LESetAdvertisingData) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LESetAdvertisingData) Opcode

func (c LESetAdvertisingData) Opcode() int

type LESetAdvertisingDataRP

type LESetAdvertisingDataRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LESetAdvertisingParameters

type LESetAdvertisingParameters struct {
	AdvertisingIntervalMin  uint16
	AdvertisingIntervalMax  uint16
	AdvertisingType         uint8
	OwnAddressType          uint8
	DirectAddressType       uint8
	DirectAddress           [6]byte
	AdvertisingChannelMap   uint8
	AdvertisingFilterPolicy uint8

LE Set Advertising Parameters (0x0006)

func (LESetAdvertisingParameters) Len

func (LESetAdvertisingParameters) Marshal

func (c LESetAdvertisingParameters) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LESetAdvertisingParameters) Opcode

func (c LESetAdvertisingParameters) Opcode() int

type LESetAdvertisingParametersRP

type LESetAdvertisingParametersRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LESetEventMask

type LESetEventMask struct{ LEEventMask uint64 }

LE Set Event Mask (0x0001)

func (LESetEventMask) Len

func (c LESetEventMask) Len() int

func (LESetEventMask) Marshal

func (c LESetEventMask) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LESetEventMask) Opcode

func (c LESetEventMask) Opcode() int

type LESetEventMaskRP

type LESetEventMaskRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LESetHostChannelClassification

type LESetHostChannelClassification struct{ ChannelMap [5]byte }

LE Set Host Channel Classification (0x0014)

func (LESetHostChannelClassification) Len

func (LESetHostChannelClassification) Marshal

func (c LESetHostChannelClassification) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LESetHostChannelClassification) Opcode

type LESetHostChannelClassificationRP

type LESetHostChannelClassificationRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LESetRandomAddress

type LESetRandomAddress struct{ RandomAddress [6]byte }

LE Set Random Address (0x0005)

func (LESetRandomAddress) Len

func (c LESetRandomAddress) Len() int

func (LESetRandomAddress) Marshal

func (c LESetRandomAddress) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LESetRandomAddress) Opcode

func (c LESetRandomAddress) Opcode() int

type LESetRandomAddressRP

type LESetRandomAddressRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LESetScanEnable

type LESetScanEnable struct {
	LEScanEnable     uint8
	FilterDuplicates uint8

LE Set Scan Enable (0x000C)

func (LESetScanEnable) Len

func (c LESetScanEnable) Len() int

func (LESetScanEnable) Marshal

func (c LESetScanEnable) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LESetScanEnable) Opcode

func (c LESetScanEnable) Opcode() int

type LESetScanEnableRP

type LESetScanEnableRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LESetScanParameters

type LESetScanParameters struct {
	LEScanType           uint8
	LEScanInterval       uint16
	LEScanWindow         uint16
	OwnAddressType       uint8
	ScanningFilterPolicy uint8

LE Set Scan Parameters (0x000B)

func (LESetScanParameters) Len

func (c LESetScanParameters) Len() int

func (LESetScanParameters) Marshal

func (c LESetScanParameters) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LESetScanParameters) Opcode

func (c LESetScanParameters) Opcode() int

type LESetScanParametersRP

type LESetScanParametersRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LESetScanResponseData

type LESetScanResponseData struct {
	ScanResponseDataLength uint8
	ScanResponseData       [31]byte

LE Set Scan Response Data (0x0009)

func (LESetScanResponseData) Len

func (c LESetScanResponseData) Len() int

func (LESetScanResponseData) Marshal

func (c LESetScanResponseData) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LESetScanResponseData) Opcode

func (c LESetScanResponseData) Opcode() int

type LESetScanResponseDataRP

type LESetScanResponseDataRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type LEStartEncryption

type LEStartEncryption struct {
	ConnectionHandle     uint16
	RandomNumber         uint64
	EncryptedDiversifier uint16
	LongTermKey          [16]byte

LE Start Encryption (0x0019)

func (LEStartEncryption) Len

func (c LEStartEncryption) Len() int

func (LEStartEncryption) Marshal

func (c LEStartEncryption) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LEStartEncryption) Opcode

func (c LEStartEncryption) Opcode() int

type LEStartEncryptionRP

type LEStartEncryptionRP struct{}

type LETestEnd

type LETestEnd struct{}

LE Test End (0x001F)

func (LETestEnd) Len

func (c LETestEnd) Len() int

func (LETestEnd) Marshal

func (c LETestEnd) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LETestEnd) Opcode

func (c LETestEnd) Opcode() int

type LETestEndRP

type LETestEndRP struct {
	Status          uint8
	NumberOfPackets uint16

type LETransmitterTest

type LETransmitterTest struct {
	TxChannel        uint8
	LengthOfTestData uint8
	PacketPayload    uint8

LE Transmitter Test (0x001E)

func (LETransmitterTest) Len

func (c LETransmitterTest) Len() int

func (LETransmitterTest) Marshal

func (c LETransmitterTest) Marshal(b []byte)

func (LETransmitterTest) Opcode

func (c LETransmitterTest) Opcode() int

type LETransmitterTestRP

type LETransmitterTestRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type Reset

type Reset struct{}

Reset (0x0002)

func (Reset) Len

func (c Reset) Len() int

func (Reset) Marshal

func (c Reset) Marshal(b []byte)

func (Reset) Opcode

func (c Reset) Opcode() int

type ResetRP

type ResetRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type SetEventFltRP

type SetEventFltRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type SetEventMask

type SetEventMask struct{ EventMask uint64 }

Set Event Mask (0x0001)

func (SetEventMask) Len

func (c SetEventMask) Len() int

func (SetEventMask) Marshal

func (c SetEventMask) Marshal(b []byte)

func (SetEventMask) Opcode

func (c SetEventMask) Opcode() int

type SetEventMaskPage2

type SetEventMaskPage2 struct{ EventMaskPage2 uint64 }

Set Event Mask Page 2 (0x0063)

func (SetEventMaskPage2) Len

func (c SetEventMaskPage2) Len() int

func (SetEventMaskPage2) Marshal

func (c SetEventMaskPage2) Marshal(b []byte)

func (SetEventMaskPage2) Opcode

func (c SetEventMaskPage2) Opcode() int

type SetEventMaskPage2RP

type SetEventMaskPage2RP struct{ Status uint8 }

type SetEventMaskRP

type SetEventMaskRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type WriteClassOfDevRP

type WriteClassOfDevRP struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type WriteClassOfDevice

type WriteClassOfDevice struct{ ClassOfDevice [3]byte }

Write Class of Device (0x0024)

func (WriteClassOfDevice) Len

func (c WriteClassOfDevice) Len() int

func (WriteClassOfDevice) Marshal

func (c WriteClassOfDevice) Marshal(b []byte)

func (WriteClassOfDevice) Opcode

func (c WriteClassOfDevice) Opcode() int

type WriteDefaultLinkPolicy

type WriteDefaultLinkPolicy struct{ DefaultLinkPolicySettings uint16 }

Write Default Link Policy

func (WriteDefaultLinkPolicy) Len

func (c WriteDefaultLinkPolicy) Len() int

func (WriteDefaultLinkPolicy) Marshal

func (c WriteDefaultLinkPolicy) Marshal(b []byte)

func (WriteDefaultLinkPolicy) Opcode

func (c WriteDefaultLinkPolicy) Opcode() int

type WriteDefaultLinkPolicyRP

type WriteDefaultLinkPolicyRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type WriteInquiryMode

type WriteInquiryMode struct {
	InquiryMode uint8

Write Inquiry Mode (0x0045)

func (WriteInquiryMode) Len

func (c WriteInquiryMode) Len() int

func (WriteInquiryMode) Marshal

func (c WriteInquiryMode) Marshal(b []byte)

func (WriteInquiryMode) Opcode

func (c WriteInquiryMode) Opcode() int

type WriteInquiryModeRP

type WriteInquiryModeRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type WriteInquiryScanType

type WriteInquiryScanType struct{ ScanType uint8 }

Write Inquiry Scan Type (0x0043)

func (WriteInquiryScanType) Len

func (c WriteInquiryScanType) Len() int

func (WriteInquiryScanType) Marshal

func (c WriteInquiryScanType) Marshal(b []byte)

func (WriteInquiryScanType) Opcode

func (c WriteInquiryScanType) Opcode() int

type WriteInquiryScanTypeRP

type WriteInquiryScanTypeRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type WriteLEHostSupported

type WriteLEHostSupported struct {
	LESupportedHost    uint8
	SimultaneousLEHost uint8

Write LE Host Supported (0x006D)

func (WriteLEHostSupported) Len

func (c WriteLEHostSupported) Len() int

func (WriteLEHostSupported) Marshal

func (c WriteLEHostSupported) Marshal(b []byte)

func (WriteLEHostSupported) Opcode

func (c WriteLEHostSupported) Opcode() int

type WriteLeHostSupportedRP

type WriteLeHostSupportedRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type WritePageScanType

type WritePageScanType struct{ PageScanType uint8 }

Write Page Scan Type (0x0046)

func (WritePageScanType) Len

func (c WritePageScanType) Len() int

func (WritePageScanType) Marshal

func (c WritePageScanType) Marshal(b []byte)

func (WritePageScanType) Opcode

func (c WritePageScanType) Opcode() int

type WritePageScanTypeRP

type WritePageScanTypeRP struct{ Status uint8 }

type WritePageTimeout

type WritePageTimeout struct{ PageTimeout uint16 }

Write Page Timeout (0x0018)

func (WritePageTimeout) Len

func (c WritePageTimeout) Len() int

func (WritePageTimeout) Marshal

func (c WritePageTimeout) Marshal(b []byte)

func (WritePageTimeout) Opcode

func (c WritePageTimeout) Opcode() int

type WritePageTimeoutRP

type WritePageTimeoutRP struct{}

type WriteSimplePairingMode

type WriteSimplePairingMode struct{ SimplePairingMode uint8 }

Write Simple Pairing Mode (0x0056)

func (WriteSimplePairingMode) Len

func (c WriteSimplePairingMode) Len() int

func (WriteSimplePairingMode) Marshal

func (c WriteSimplePairingMode) Marshal(b []byte)

func (WriteSimplePairingMode) Opcode

func (c WriteSimplePairingMode) Opcode() int

type WriteSimplePairingModeRP

type WriteSimplePairingModeRP struct{}

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