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func BadRequest

func BadRequest(rw http.ResponseWriter, err error)

BadRequest sends a bad request message to the client.

func IPFromRequest

func IPFromRequest(req *http.Request) net.IP

IPFromRequest extracts the IP from the given request.

func InternalServerError

func InternalServerError(rw http.ResponseWriter, err error)

InternalServerError sends an internal server error to the client.

func Logging

func Logging(req *http.Request, format string, args ...interface{})

Logging writes a message to the logging table in the database.

func SendEmptyJSON

func SendEmptyJSON(rw http.ResponseWriter, code int)

SendEmptyJSON sends an empty JSON document to the client.

func SendFailure

func SendFailure(rw http.ResponseWriter, format string, args ...interface{})

SendFailure sends a failure message to the client.

func SendJSON

func SendJSON(rw http.ResponseWriter, code int, data interface{})

SendJSON sends a JSON representation of the given data to the client.

func SendResult

func SendResult(rw http.ResponseWriter, format string, args ...interface{})

SendResult sends result message to the client.

func SendSuccess

func SendSuccess(rw http.ResponseWriter)

SendSuccess sends a common success message to the client.

func Session

func Session(req *http.Request) *session.Session

Session extracts a session from a given request.

func UserID

func UserID(req *http.Request) int64

UserID extracts the ID of the logged in user from the given request and its associated session.


type Controller

type Controller struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller encapsulates the state known to all endpoints.

func NewController

func NewController() *Controller

NewController creates a new controller.

func (*Controller) BindRoutes

func (c *Controller) BindRoutes(m *mux.Router)

BindRoutes binds all the the endpoints to the controller.

func (*Controller) Start

func (c *Controller) Start() error

Start starts the logic of the controller running in background.

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