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func GetObject

func GetObject(ops map[string]string, srcs Sources) http.HandlerFunc

GetObject ...

func Login

func Login(ops map[string]string, srcs Sources) http.HandlerFunc

Login manages de/multiplexing requests to RETS servers

func Metadata

func Metadata(ops map[string]string, srcs Sources) http.HandlerFunc

Metadata ...

func NewSession

func NewSession(c Config) (rets.Requester, io.Closer, error)

NewSession creates a Rets session from the given config

func Search(ops map[string]string, srcs Sources) http.HandlerFunc

Search ...


type Config

type Config struct {
	Service                      string
	URL                          string
	User, Password               string
	UserAgent, UserAgentPassword string
	Version                      string
	Proxy                        string

Config sets up a connection

type Session

type Session struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Session holds the state for an established session

func (*Session) Clear

func (l *Session) Clear()

Clear the current session

func (*Session) Get

Get returns the cached rets session

type Sessions

type Sessions map[string]Session

Sessions a wrapper to manage requests

type Sources

type Sources map[string]Sessions

Sources is a indexer for looking up sessions

func NewSources

func NewSources(cfgs []Config) Sources

NewSources creates the index for sessions/users

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