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func CreateSqsClient

func CreateSqsClient(awsConfigs ...*aws.Config) sqsiface.SQSAPI

CreateSqsClient creates a client for SQS API


type Config

type Config struct {
	MaxNumberOfMessage    int64
	QueueName             string
	QueueURL              string
	WaitTimeSecond        int64
	MessageAttributeNames []string

Config struct

type Handler

type Handler interface {
	HandleMessage(msg *sqs.Message) error

Handler interface

type HandlerFunc

type HandlerFunc func(msg *sqs.Message) error

HandlerFunc is used to define the Handler that is run on for each message

func (HandlerFunc) HandleMessage

func (f HandlerFunc) HandleMessage(msg *sqs.Message) error

HandleMessage wraps a function for handling sqs messages

type InvalidEventError

type InvalidEventError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

InvalidEventError struct

func NewInvalidEventError

func NewInvalidEventError(event, msg string) InvalidEventError

NewInvalidEventError creates InvalidEventError struct

func (InvalidEventError) Error

func (e InvalidEventError) Error() string

type LoggerIFace

type LoggerIFace interface {
	Debug(i ...interface{})
	Info(i ...interface{})
	Error(i ...interface{})

LoggerIFace interface

type Worker

type Worker struct {
	Config    *Config
	Log       LoggerIFace
	SqsClient sqsiface.SQSAPI

Worker struct

func New

func New(client sqsiface.SQSAPI, config *Config) *Worker

New sets up a new Worker

func (*Worker) Start

func (worker *Worker) Start(ctx context.Context, h Handler)

Start starts the polling and will continue polling till the application is forcibly stopped

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