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var (
	// Directory is the folder in which the template files are expected to be
	Directory = "templates"

	// Minify indicates whether or not the resulting HTML pages should be minified by using
	Minify = false

	// NoCache indicates whether or not we should add the Cache-Control header "no-cache"
	NoCache = true


func Preload

func Preload()

Preload loads all the previously registered templates (see `Register`) into memory, to be used by `Render`.

func PreloadTemplate

func PreloadTemplate(name string, r io.Reader) error

PreloadTemplate updates the definition of a single template from any stream, into memory.

func PreloadTemplateFile

func PreloadTemplateFile(templateName string) error

PreloadTemplateFile updates the definition of a single template file into memory.

func Register

func Register(templateName string)

Register adds the given `templateName` to the list of files that need to be loaded on `Preload`

It is by no means thread-safe.

func Render

func Render(c *iris.Context, tmpl string, p map[string]interface{})

func RenderWithStatus

func RenderWithStatus(c *iris.Context, templateName string, p map[string]interface{}, status int)


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