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func LoadConfig

func LoadConfig(file string, v interface{}, opts ...Option) error

LoadConfig loads config into v from file, .json, .yaml and .yml are acceptable.

func LoadConfigFromJsonBytes

func LoadConfigFromJsonBytes(content []byte, v interface{}) error

LoadConfigFromJsonBytes loads config into v from content json bytes.

func LoadConfigFromYamlBytes

func LoadConfigFromYamlBytes(content []byte, v interface{}) error

LoadConfigFromYamlBytes loads config into v from content yaml bytes.

func MustLoad

func MustLoad(path string, v interface{}, opts ...Option)

MustLoad loads config into v from path, exits on error.


type Option

type Option func(opt *options)

Option defines the method to customize the config options.

func UseEnv

func UseEnv() Option

UseEnv customizes the config to use environment variables.

type Properties

type Properties interface {
	GetString(key string) string
	SetString(key, value string)
	GetInt(key string) int
	SetInt(key string, value int)
	ToString() string

Properties interface provides the means to access configuration.

func LoadProperties

func LoadProperties(filename string, opts ...Option) (Properties, error)

LoadProperties loads the properties into a properties configuration instance. Returns an error that indicates if there was a problem loading the configuration.

func NewProperties

func NewProperties() Properties

NewProperties builds a new properties configuration structure.

type PropertyError

type PropertyError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PropertyError represents a configuration error message.

func (*PropertyError) Error

func (configError *PropertyError) Error() string

Error returns the error message.

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