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type SamplingOptions

type SamplingOptions struct {
	// How often should each URL be samples
	Iterations int

	// Number of parallel goroutines to start per URL
	ConcurrencyLevel int

	// Channel to send finished requests to
	Requests chan<- *request.FinishedRequest

SamplingOptions collect options for sampling URLs

type URLSampler

type URLSampler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

URLSampler provides methods for sampling URLs.

func NewURLSampler

func NewURLSampler(configuration URLSamplerConfiguration) *URLSampler

NewURLSampler creates a new URLSampler using the given configuration

func (*URLSampler) SampleURLs

func (s *URLSampler) SampleURLs(options SamplingOptions, urls ...string)

SampleURLs samples the given urls each with the given options

type URLSamplerConfiguration

type URLSamplerConfiguration struct {
	// Disable TLS verfication checks (i.e. accept self-signed certificates)?
	DisableTLSVerification bool

	// Disable HTTP Keep-Alive connection pooling?
	DisableKeepAlives bool

	// The HTTP User-Agent to use
	UserAgent string

	// HTTP Authorization header to send
	Authorization string

URLSamplerConfiguration describes the configuration properties for an URLSampler

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