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Package request provides types and functions to describe executed requests and their attributes



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type FinishedRequest

type FinishedRequest struct {
	// The URL this request was executed for
	URL string

	// Any error received during the request
	Error error

	// The HTTP status code of the request
	StatusCode int

	// The start time
	Started time.Time

	// The time the request has finished
	Finished time.Time

	// The content length
	ContentLength int64

	// HTTP response headers received
	Header Header

	// Stats whether this request reused an established TCP connection via HTTP keep alive or created a fresh one
	Reused bool

	// Timing details for this request
	TimingDetails TimingDetails

FinishedRequest represents a single sample of an HTTP(S) request. It includes status and timing information

func ExecuteGet

func ExecuteGet(url string, header map[string]string, client *http.Client) *FinishedRequest

ExecuteGet executes a HTTP(S) GET Request for the given URL and returns the result as a Request

func (*FinishedRequest) ContentType

func (r *FinishedRequest) ContentType() string

ContentType is a convenience method that returns the content type header value

func (*FinishedRequest) IsError

func (r *FinishedRequest) IsError() bool

IsError returns whether this sample was successful or not

func (*FinishedRequest) TotalTime

func (r *FinishedRequest) TotalTime() time.Duration

TotalTime returns the total time needed to execute the request

type Header map[string][]string

Header contains the HTTP response headers for a request Header names are canonicalized, i.e. "Content-Length"

func (Header) String

func (h Header) String() string

type TimingDetails

type TimingDetails struct {
	// The total time needed to execute the request
	TotalTime time.Duration

	// The time needed to resolve the host name via DNS
	DNSTime time.Duration

	// The time needed to establish a TCP connection
	TCPConnectTime time.Duration

	// The time needed to perform the TLS handshake
	TLSTime time.Duration

	// The time needed to write the request
	SendRequestTime time.Duration

	// The time waited for the first response byte
	TimeToFirstByte time.Duration

	// The time needed to transfer all content
	ContentTransferTime time.Duration

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