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Published: Jun 13, 2023 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 16 Imported by: 0




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const (
	TorrentStateError              = "error"              // Some error occurred, applies to paused torrents
	TorrentStateMissingFiles       = "missingFiles"       // Torrent data files is missing
	TorrentStateUploading          = "uploading"          // Torrent is being seeded and data is being transferred
	TorrentStatePausedUP           = "pausedUP"           // Torrent is paused and has finished downloading
	TorrentStateQueuedUP           = "queuedUP"           // Queuing is enabled and torrent is queued for upload
	TorrentStateStalledUP          = "stalledUP"          // Torrent is being seeded, but no connection were made
	TorrentStateCheckingUP         = "checkingUP"         // Torrent has finished downloading and is being checked
	TorrentStateForcedUP           = "forcedUP"           // Torrent is forced to uploading and ignore queue limit
	TorrentStateAllocating         = "allocating"         // Torrent is allocating disk space for download
	TorrentStateDownloading        = "downloading"        // Torrent is being downloaded and data is being transferred
	TorrentStateMetaDL             = "metaDL"             // Torrent has just started downloading and is fetching metadata
	TorrentStatePausedDL           = "pausedDL"           // Torrent is paused and has NOT finished downloading
	TorrentStateQueuedDL           = "queuedDL"           // Queuing is enabled and torrent is queued for download
	TorrentStateStalledDL          = "stalledDL"          // Torrent is being downloaded, but no connection were made
	TorrentStateCheckingDL         = "checkingDL"         // Same as checkingUP, but torrent has NOT finished downloading
	TorrentStateForceDL            = "forceDL"            // Torrent is forced to downloading to ignore queue limit
	TorrentStateCheckingResumeData = "checkingResumeData" // Checking resume data on qBt startup
	TorrentStateMoving             = "moving"             // Torrent is moving to another location
	TorrentStateUnknown            = "unknown"            // Unknown status



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var (
	ErrNoImplementation = errors.New("no implementation")



This section is empty.


type Category

type Category struct {
	Name     string `json:"name,omitempty"`
	SavePath string `json:"savePath,omitempty"`

Category .

type CategoryMap

type CategoryMap map[string]Category

CategoryMap .

type Client

type Client struct {
	BaseURL   string
	Cookies   http.CookieJar
	Host      string
	Authorize string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client .

func New

func New(baseURL string) (*Client, error)

New .

func NewDebug

func NewDebug(baseURL string, logger *log.Logger, debug bool) (*Client, error)

NewDebug .

func NewWithLogger

func NewWithLogger(baseURL string, logger *log.Logger) (*Client, error)

NewWithLogger .

func (*Client) GetAPIVersion

func (c *Client) GetAPIVersion() (string, error)

GetAPIVersion .

func (*Client) GetBuildInfo

func (c *Client) GetBuildInfo() (e GetBuildInfoResponse, err error)

GetBuildInfo .

func (*Client) GetDefaultSavePath

func (c *Client) GetDefaultSavePath() (string, error)

GetDefaultSavePath .

func (*Client) GetLog

func (c *Client) GetLog(req *GetLogRequest) (*GetLogResponse, error)

GetLog .

func (*Client) GetPreferences

func (c *Client) GetPreferences() (p Preferences, err error)

GetPreferences .

func (*Client) GetTorrentContents

func (c *Client) GetTorrentContents(req *GetTorrentContentsRequest) (*GetTorrentContentsResponse, error)

GetTorrentContents .

func (*Client) GetTorrentGenericProperties

func (c *Client) GetTorrentGenericProperties(req *GetTorrentGenericPropertiesRequest) (*TorrentProperties, error)

GetTorrentGenericProperties .

func (*Client) GetTorrentList

func (c *Client) GetTorrentList(req *GetTorrentListRequest) (*GetTorrentListResponse, error)

GetTorrentList .

func (*Client) GetTorrentPeerData

func (c *Client) GetTorrentPeerData(req *GetTorrentPeerDataRequest) (res *GetTorrentPeerDataResponse, err error)

GetTorrentPeerData .

func (*Client) GetTorrentPiecesHash

func (c *Client) GetTorrentPiecesHash()

GetTorrentPiecesHash .

func (*Client) GetTorrentPiecesStates

func (c *Client) GetTorrentPiecesStates()

GetTorrentPiecesStates .

func (*Client) GetTorrentTrackers

func (c *Client) GetTorrentTrackers(req *GetTorrentTrackersRequest) (*GetTorrentTrackersResponse, error)

GetTorrentTrackers .

func (*Client) GetTorrentWebSeeds

func (c *Client) GetTorrentWebSeeds()

GetTorrentWebSeeds .

func (*Client) GetVersion

func (c *Client) GetVersion() (string, error)

GetVersion .

func (*Client) Login

func (c *Client) Login(username, password string) error

Login .

func (*Client) Logout

func (c *Client) Logout() error

Logout .

func (*Client) SetPreferences

func (c *Client) SetPreferences(p *Preferences) error

SetPreferences .

func (*Client) Shutdown

func (c *Client) Shutdown() error

Shutdown .

func (*Client) TorrentAdd

func (c *Client) TorrentAdd(req *TorrentAddRequest) error

TorrentAdd .

func (*Client) TorrentAddTags

func (c *Client) TorrentAddTags(req *TorrentAddTagsRequest) error

TorrentAddTags .

func (*Client) TorrentAddTracker

func (c *Client) TorrentAddTracker(req *TorrentAddTrackerRequest) error

TorrentAddTracker .

func (*Client) TorrentCreateCategory

func (c *Client) TorrentCreateCategory(category *Category) error

TorrentCreateCategory .

func (*Client) TorrentDelete

func (c *Client) TorrentDelete(req *TorrentDeleteRequest) error

TorrentDelete .

func (*Client) TorrentEditCategory

func (c *Client) TorrentEditCategory(category *Category) error

TorrentEditCategory .

func (*Client) TorrentEditTracker

func (c *Client) TorrentEditTracker(req *TorrentEditTrackerRequest) error

TorrentEditTracker .

func (*Client) TorrentGetAllCategory

func (c *Client) TorrentGetAllCategory() (CategoryMap, error)

TorrentGetAllCategory .

func (*Client) TorrentPause

func (c *Client) TorrentPause(req *TorrentPauseRequest) error

TorrentPause .

func (*Client) TorrentReannounce

func (c *Client) TorrentReannounce()

TorrentReannounce .

func (*Client) TorrentRecheck

func (c *Client) TorrentRecheck(req *TorrentRecheckRequest) error

TorrentRecheck .

func (*Client) TorrentRemoveCategory

func (c *Client) TorrentRemoveCategory(categories []string) error

TorrentRemoveCategory .

func (*Client) TorrentRemoveTags

func (c *Client) TorrentRemoveTags(req *TorrentRemoveTagsRequest) error

TorrentRemoveTags .

func (*Client) TorrentRemoveTracker

func (c *Client) TorrentRemoveTracker(req *TorrentRemoveTrackerRequest) error

TorrentRemoveTracker .

func (*Client) TorrentResume

func (c *Client) TorrentResume(req *TorrentResumeRequest) error

TorrentResume .

func (*Client) TorrentSetCategory

func (c *Client) TorrentSetCategory(req *TorrentSetCategoryRequest) error

TorrentSetCategory .

type GetBuildInfoResponse

type GetBuildInfoResponse struct {
	Qt         string `json:"qt"`
	LibTorrent string `json:"libtorrent"`
	Boost      string `json:"boost"`
	OpenSSL    string `json:"openssl"`
	Bitness    string `json:"bitness"`

GetBuildInfoResponse .

type GetLogRequest

type GetLogRequest struct {
	Normal      bool
	Info        bool
	Warning     bool
	Critical    bool
	LastKnownID int64

GetLogRequest .

type GetLogResponse

type GetLogResponse struct {
	Data []GetLogResponseData

GetLogResponse .

type GetLogResponseData

type GetLogResponseData struct {
	ID        int
	Message   string
	Timestamp int
	Type      int

GetLogResponseData .

type GetTorrentContentsRequest

type GetTorrentContentsRequest struct {
	Hash string

GetTorrentContentsRequest .

type GetTorrentContentsResponse

type GetTorrentContentsResponse struct {
	Name         string  `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Size         int64   `json:"size,omitempty"`
	Progress     float32 `json:"progress,omitempty"`
	Priority     int64   `json:"priority,omitempty"`
	IsSeed       bool    `json:"is_seed,omitempty"`
	PieceRange   []int64 `json:"piece_range,omitempty"`
	Availability float32 `json:"availability,omitempty"`

GetTorrentContentsResponse .

type GetTorrentGenericPropertiesRequest

type GetTorrentGenericPropertiesRequest struct {
	Hash string

GetTorrentGenericPropertiesRequest .

type GetTorrentListRequest

type GetTorrentListRequest struct {
	Filter string
		Get torrents with the given category
		(empty string means "without category"; no "category" parameter means "any category" <- broken until #11748 is resolved).
		Remember to URL-encode the category name.
		For example, My category becomes My%20category
	Category      string
	EmptyCategory bool
	Sort          string
	Reverse       string
	Limit         int
	Offset        int
	Hashes        []string

GetTorrentListRequest .

type GetTorrentListResponse

type GetTorrentListResponse struct {
	Torrents []Torrent

GetTorrentListResponse .

type GetTorrentPeerDataRequest

type GetTorrentPeerDataRequest struct {
	Hash string
	Rid  int

GetTorrentPeerDataRequest .

type GetTorrentPeerDataResponse

type GetTorrentPeerDataResponse struct {
	Data TorrentPeerData

GetTorrentPeerDataResponse .

type GetTorrentTrackersRequest

type GetTorrentTrackersRequest struct {
	Hash string

GetTorrentTrackersRequest .

type GetTorrentTrackersResponse

type GetTorrentTrackersResponse struct {
	TorrentTracker []TorrentTracker

GetTorrentTrackersResponse .

type Preferences

type Preferences struct {
	Locale                           string            `json:"locale,omitempty"`
	SavePath                         string            `json:"save_path,omitempty"`
	TempPathEnabled                  bool              `json:"temp_path_enabled,omitempty"`
	TempPath                         string            `json:"temp_path,omitempty"`
	ScanDirs                         map[string]string `json:"scan_dirs,omitempty"`
	ExportDirEnabled                 bool              `json:"export_dir_enabled,omitempty"`
	ExportDir                        string            `json:"export_dir,omitempty"`
	MailNotificationEnabled          bool              `json:"mail_notification_enabled,omitempty"`
	MailNotificationEmail            string            `json:"mail_notification_email,omitempty"`
	MailNotificationSMTP             string            `json:"mail_notification_smtp,omitempty"`
	MailNotificationSSLEnabled       bool              `json:"mail_notification_ssl_enabled,omitempty"`
	MailNotificationAuthEnabled      bool              `json:"mail_notification_auth_enabled,omitempty"`
	MailNotificationUsername         string            `json:"mail_notification_username,omitempty"`
	MailNotificationPassword         string            `json:"mail_notification_password,omitempty"`
	AutorunEnable                    bool              `json:"autorun_enable,omitempty"`
	AutorunProgram                   string            `json:"autorun_program,omitempty"`
	PreallocateAll                   bool              `json:"preallocate_all,omitempty"`
	QueuingEnabled                   bool              `json:"queuing_enabled,omitempty"`
	MaxActiveDownloads               int               `json:"max_active_downloads,omitempty"`
	MaxActiveTorrents                int               `json:"max_active_torrents,omitempty"`
	MaxActiveUploads                 int               `json:"max_active_uploads,omitempty"`
	DontCountSlowTorrents            bool              `json:"dont_count_slow_torrents,omitempty"`
	MaxRatioEnabled                  bool              `json:"max_ratio_enabled,omitempty"`
	MaxRatio                         float32           `json:"max_ratio,omitempty"`
	MaxRatioAct                      int               `json:"max_ratio_act,omitempty"`
	IncompleteFileExt                bool              `json:"incomplete_file_ext,omitempty"`
	ListenPort                       int               `json:"listen_port,omitempty"`
	UPNP                             bool              `json:"upnp,omitempty"`
	RandomPort                       bool              `json:"random_port,omitempty"`
	DlLimit                          int               `json:"dl_limit,omitempty"`
	UpLimit                          int               `json:"up_limit,omitempty"`
	MaxConnec                        int               `json:"max_connec,omitempty"`
	MaxConnecPerTorrent              int               `json:"max_connec_per_torrent,omitempty"`
	MaxUploads                       int               `json:"max_uploads,omitempty"`
	MaxUploadPerTorrent              int               `json:"max_upload_per_torrent,omitempty"`
	EnableUTP                        bool              `json:"enable_utp,omitempty"`
	LimitUTPRate                     bool              `json:"limit_utp_rate,omitempty"`
	LimitTCPOverhead                 bool              `json:"limit_tcp_overhead,omitempty"`
	AltDlLimit                       int               `json:"alt_dl_limit,omitempty"`
	AltUpLimit                       int               `json:"alt_up_limit,omitempty"`
	SchedulerEnabled                 bool              `json:"scheduler_enabled,omitempty"`
	ScheduleFromHour                 int               `json:"schedule_from_hour,omitempty"`
	ScheduleFromMin                  int               `json:"schedule_from_min,omitempty"`
	ScheduleToHour                   int               `json:"schedule_to_hour,omitempty"`
	ScheduleToMin                    int               `json:"schedule_to_min,omitempty"`
	SchedulerDays                    int               `json:"scheduler_days,omitempty"`
	DHT                              bool              `json:"dht,omitempty"`
	DHTSameAsBT                      bool              `json:"dht_same_as_bt,omitempty"`
	DHTPort                          int               `json:"dht_port,omitempty"`
	PEX                              bool              `json:"pex,omitempty"`
	LSD                              bool              `json:"lsd,omitempty"`
	Encryption                       int               `json:"encryption,omitempty"`
	AnonymousMode                    bool              `json:"anonymous_mode,omitempty"`
	ProxyType                        int               `json:"proxy_type,omitempty"`
	ProxyIP                          string            `json:"proxy_ip,omitempty"`
	ProxyPort                        int               `json:"proxy_port,omitempty"`
	ProxyPeerConnections             bool              `json:"proxy_peer_connections,omitempty"`
	ForceProxy                       bool              `json:"force_proxy,omitempty"`
	ProxyAuthEnabled                 bool              `json:"proxy_auth_enabled,omitempty"`
	ProxyUsername                    string            `json:"proxy_username,omitempty"`
	ProxyPassword                    string            `json:"proxy_password,omitempty"`
	IPFilterEnabled                  bool              `json:"ip_filter_enabled,omitempty"`
	IPFilterPath                     string            `json:"ip_filter_path,omitempty"`
	IPFilterTrackers                 bool              `json:"ip_filter_trackers,omitempty"`
	WebUIPort                        int               `json:"web_ui_port,omitempty"`
	WebUIUPNP                        bool              `json:"web_uiupnp,omitempty"`
	WebUIUsername                    string            `json:"web_ui_username,omitempty"`
	WebUIPassword                    string            `json:"web_ui_password,omitempty"`
	BypassLocalAuth                  bool              `json:"bypass_local_auth,omitempty"`
	BypassAuthSubnetWhitelistEnabled bool              `json:"bypass_auth_subnet_whitelist_enabled,omitempty"`
	BypassAuthSubnetWhiteList        string            `json:"bypass_auth_subnet_white_list,omitempty"`
	UseHTTPS                         bool              `json:"use_https,omitempty"`
	SSLKey                           string            `json:"ssl_key,omitempty"`
	SSLCert                          string            `json:"ssl_cert,omitempty"`
	DyndnsEnabled                    bool              `json:"dyndns_enabled,omitempty"`
	DyndnsService                    int               `json:"dyndns_service,omitempty"`
	DyndnsUsername                   string            `json:"dyndns_username,omitempty"`
	DyndnsPassword                   string            `json:"dyndns_password,omitempty"`
	DyndnsDomain                     string            `json:"dyndns_domain,omitempty"`

Preferences .

type Torrent

type Torrent struct {
	AddedOn           int64   `json:"added_on"`
	AmountLeft        int64   `json:"amount_left"`
	AutoTmm           bool    `json:"auto_tmm"`
	Availability      float64 `json:"availability"`
	Category          string  `json:"category"`
	Completed         int64   `json:"completed"`
	CompletionOn      int64   `json:"completion_on"`
	ContentPath       string  `json:"content_path"`
	DlLimit           int64   `json:"dl_limit"`
	Dlspeed           int64   `json:"dlspeed"`
	Downloaded        int64   `json:"downloaded"`
	DownloadedSession int64   `json:"downloaded_session"`
	ETA               int64   `json:"eta"`
	FLPiecePrio       bool    `json:"f_l_piece_prio"`
	ForceStart        bool    `json:"force_start"`
	Hash              string  `json:"hash"`
	LastActivity      int64   `json:"last_activity"`
	MagnetURI         string  `json:"magnet_uri"`
	MaxRatio          float64 `json:"max_ratio"`
	MaxSeedingTime    int64   `json:"max_seeding_time"`
	Name              string  `json:"name"`
	NumComplete       int64   `json:"num_complete"`
	NumIncomplete     int64   `json:"num_incomplete"`
	NumLeechs         int64   `json:"num_leechs"`
	NumSeeds          int64   `json:"num_seeds"`
	Priority          int64   `json:"priority"`
	Progress          float64 `json:"progress"`
	Ratio             float64 `json:"ratio"`
	RatioLimit        float64 `json:"ratio_limit"`
	SavePath          string  `json:"save_path"`
	SeedingTimeLimit  int64   `json:"seeding_time_limit"`
	SeenComplete      int64   `json:"seen_complete"`
	SeqDl             bool    `json:"seq_dl"`
	Size              int64   `json:"size"`
	State             string  `json:"state"`
	SuperSeeding      bool    `json:"super_seeding"`
	Tags              string  `json:"tags"`
	TimeActive        int64   `json:"time_active"`
	TotalSize         int64   `json:"total_size"`
	Tracker           string  `json:"tracker"`
	UpLimit           int64   `json:"up_limit"`
	Uploaded          int64   `json:"uploaded"`
	UploadedSession   int64   `json:"uploaded_session"`
	Upspeed           int64   `json:"upspeed"`

Torrent .

type TorrentAddRequest

type TorrentAddRequest struct {
	FilesReader []TorrentAddRequestFileReader
	Files       []string
	URLs        []string
	Option      struct {
		SavePath           string
		Cookie             string
		Category           string
		SkipChecking       bool
		Paused             bool
		RootFolder         bool
		Rename             string
		UploadLimit        uint64
		DownloadLimit      uint64
		UseAutoTMM         bool
		SequentialDownload bool
		FirstLastPiecePrio bool
		Tags               string

TorrentAddRequest .

type TorrentAddRequestFileReader added in v1.1.1

type TorrentAddRequestFileReader struct {
	Name   string
	Reader io.Reader

type TorrentAddResponse

type TorrentAddResponse struct{}

TorrentAddResponse .

type TorrentAddTagsRequest

type TorrentAddTagsRequest struct {
	Hashes []string
	Tags   []string

TorrentAddTagsRequest .

type TorrentAddTrackerRequest

type TorrentAddTrackerRequest struct {
	Hash string
	URLs []string

TorrentAddTrackerRequest .

type TorrentDeleteRequest

type TorrentDeleteRequest struct {
	Hashes      []string
	DeleteFiles bool

TorrentDeleteRequest .

type TorrentEditTrackerRequest

type TorrentEditTrackerRequest struct {
	Hash        string
	OriginalURL string
	NewURL      string

TorrentEditTrackerRequest .

type TorrentPauseRequest

type TorrentPauseRequest struct {
	Hashes []string

TorrentPauseRequest .

type TorrentPeer added in v1.1.3

type TorrentPeer struct {
	Client        string  `json:"client"`
	Connection    string  `json:"connection"`
	Country       string  `json:"country"`
	CountryCode   string  `json:"country_code"`
	DownloadSpeed uint64  `json:"dl_speed"`
	Downloaded    uint64  `json:"downloaded"`
	Files         string  `json:"files"`
	Flags         string  `json:"flags"`
	FlagsDesc     string  `json:"flags_desc"`
	IP            string  `json:"ip"`
	Port          uint16  `json:"port"`
	Progress      float64 `json:"progress"`
	Relevance     float64 `json:"relevance"`
	UploadSpeed   uint64  `json:"ul_speed"`
	Uploaded      uint64  `json:"uploaded"`

type TorrentPeerData

type TorrentPeerData struct {
	FullUpdate bool                   `json:"full_update"`
	Peers      map[string]TorrentPeer `json:"peers"`
	Rid        uint64                 `json:"rid"`
	ShowFlag   bool                   `json:"show_flags"`

TorrentPeerData .

type TorrentProperties

type TorrentProperties struct {
	SavePath               string  `json:"save_path,omitempty"`
	CreationDate           int     `json:"creation_date,omitempty"`
	PieceSize              int     `json:"piece_size,omitempty"`
	Comment                string  `json:"comment,omitempty"`
	TotalWasted            int     `json:"total_wasted,omitempty"`
	TotalUploaded          int     `json:"total_uploaded,omitempty"`
	TotalUploadedSession   int     `json:"total_uploaded_session,omitempty"`
	TotalDownloaded        int     `json:"total_downloaded,omitempty"`
	TotalDownloadedSession int     `json:"total_downloaded_session,omitempty"`
	UpLimit                int     `json:"up_limit,omitempty"`
	DlLimit                int     `json:"dl_limit,omitempty"`
	TimeElapsed            int     `json:"time_elapsed,omitempty"`
	SeedingTime            int     `json:"seeding_time,omitempty"`
	NbConnections          int     `json:"nb_connections,omitempty"`
	NbConnectionsLimit     int     `json:"nb_connections_limit,omitempty"`
	ShareRatio             float32 `json:"share_ratio,omitempty"`
	AdditionDate           int     `json:"addition_date,omitempty"`
	CompletionDate         int     `json:"completion_date,omitempty"`
	CreatedBy              string  `json:"created_by,omitempty"`
	DlSpeedAvg             int     `json:"dl_speed_avg,omitempty"`
	DlSpeed                int     `json:"dl_speed,omitempty"`
	Eta                    int     `json:"eta,omitempty"`
	LastSeen               int     `json:"last_seen,omitempty"`
	Peers                  int     `json:"peers,omitempty"`
	PeersTotal             int     `json:"peers_total,omitempty"`
	PiecesHave             int     `json:"pieces_have,omitempty"`
	PiecesNum              int     `json:"pieces_num,omitempty"`
	Reannounce             int     `json:"reannounce,omitempty"`
	Seeds                  int     `json:"seeds,omitempty"`
	SeedsTotal             int     `json:"seeds_total,omitempty"`
	TotalSize              int     `json:"total_size,omitempty"`
	UpSpeedAvg             int     `json:"up_speed_avg,omitempty"`
	UpSpeed                int     `json:"up_speed,omitempty"`

TorrentProperties .

type TorrentRecheckRequest

type TorrentRecheckRequest struct {
	Hashes []string

TorrentRecheckRequest .

type TorrentRecheckResponse

type TorrentRecheckResponse struct{}

TorrentRecheckResponse .

type TorrentRemoveTagsRequest

type TorrentRemoveTagsRequest struct {
	Hashes []string
	Tags   []string

TorrentRemoveTagsRequest .

type TorrentRemoveTrackerRequest

type TorrentRemoveTrackerRequest struct {
	Hash string
	URLs []string

TorrentRemoveTrackerRequest .

type TorrentResumeRequest

type TorrentResumeRequest struct {
	Hashes []string

TorrentResumeRequest .

type TorrentSetCategoryRequest

type TorrentSetCategoryRequest struct {
	Hashes   []string
	Category string

TorrentSetCategoryRequest .

type TorrentState

type TorrentState string

TorrentState .

type TorrentTracker

type TorrentTracker struct {
	URL           string             `json:"url,omitempty"`            // Tracker url
	Status        int                `json:"status,omitempty"`         // Tracker status. See the table below for possible values
	Tier          TorrentTrackerTier `json:"tier,omitempty"`           // Tracker priority tier. Lower tier trackers are tried before higher tiers
	NumPeers      int                `json:"num_peers,omitempty"`      // Number of peers for current torrent, as reported by the tracker
	NumSeeds      int                `json:"num_seeds,omitempty"`      // Number of seeds for current torrent, asreported by the tracker
	NumLeeches    int                `json:"num_leeches,omitempty"`    // Number of leeches for current torrent, as reported by the tracker
	NumDownloaded int                `json:"num_downloaded,omitempty"` // Number of completed downlods for current torrent, as reported by the tracker
	Msg           string             `json:"msg,omitempty"`            // Tracker message (there is no way of knowing what this message is - it's up to tracker admins)

TorrentTracker .

type TorrentTrackerTier

type TorrentTrackerTier struct {
	Value *int

TorrentTrackerTier .

func (*TorrentTrackerTier) UnmarshalJSON

func (t *TorrentTrackerTier) UnmarshalJSON(d []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON .

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