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Package compiler provides support functions to generated compiler code.



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func ConvertInterfaceArrayToStringArray

func ConvertInterfaceArrayToStringArray(interfaceArray []interface{}) []string

ConvertInterfaceArrayToStringArray converts an array of interfaces to an array of strings, if possible.

func DescribeMap

func DescribeMap(in interface{}, indent string) string

DescribeMap describes a map (for debugging purposes).

func FetchFile

func FetchFile(fileurl string) ([]byte, error)

FetchFile gets a specified file from the local filesystem or a remote location.

func HandleExtension

func HandleExtension(context *Context, in interface{}, extensionName string) (bool, *any.Any, error)

HandleExtension calls a binary extension handler.

func InvalidKeysInMap

func InvalidKeysInMap(m yaml.MapSlice, allowedKeys []string, allowedPatterns []*regexp.Regexp) []string

InvalidKeysInMap returns keys in a map that don't match a list of allowed keys and patterns.

func MapHasKey

func MapHasKey(m yaml.MapSlice, key string) bool

MapHasKey returns true if a yaml.MapSlice contains a specified key.

func MapValueForKey

func MapValueForKey(m yaml.MapSlice, key string) interface{}

MapValueForKey gets the value of a map value for a specified key.

func MissingKeysInMap

func MissingKeysInMap(m yaml.MapSlice, requiredKeys []string) []string

MissingKeysInMap identifies which keys from a list of required keys are not in a map.

func NewErrorGroupOrNil

func NewErrorGroupOrNil(errors []error) error

NewErrorGroupOrNil returns a new ErrorGroup for a slice of errors or nil if the slice is empty.

func PluralProperties

func PluralProperties(count int) string

PluralProperties returns the string "properties" pluralized.

func ReadBytesForFile

func ReadBytesForFile(filename string) ([]byte, error)

ReadBytesForFile reads the bytes of a file.

func ReadInfoForRef

func ReadInfoForRef(basefile string, ref string) (interface{}, error)

ReadInfoForRef reads a file and return the fragment needed to resolve a $ref.

func ReadInfoFromBytes

func ReadInfoFromBytes(filename string, bytes []byte) (interface{}, error)

ReadInfoFromBytes unmarshals a file as a yaml.MapSlice.

func SortedKeysForMap

func SortedKeysForMap(m yaml.MapSlice) []string

SortedKeysForMap returns the sorted keys of a yaml.MapSlice.

func StringArrayContainsValue

func StringArrayContainsValue(array []string, value string) bool

StringArrayContainsValue returns true if a string array contains a specified value.

func StringArrayContainsValues

func StringArrayContainsValues(array []string, values []string) bool

StringArrayContainsValues returns true if a string array contains all of a list of specified values.

func StringValue

func StringValue(item interface{}) (value string, ok bool)

StringValue returns the string value of an item.

func UnpackMap

func UnpackMap(in interface{}) (yaml.MapSlice, bool)

UnpackMap gets a yaml.MapSlice if possible.


type Context

type Context struct {
	Parent            *Context
	Name              string
	ExtensionHandlers *[]ExtensionHandler

Context contains state of the compiler as it traverses a document.

func NewContext

func NewContext(name string, parent *Context) *Context

NewContext returns a new object representing the compiler state

func NewContextWithExtensions

func NewContextWithExtensions(name string, parent *Context, extensionHandlers *[]ExtensionHandler) *Context

NewContextWithExtensions returns a new object representing the compiler state

func (*Context) Description

func (context *Context) Description() string

Description returns a text description of the compiler state

type Error

type Error struct {
	Context *Context
	Message string

Error represents compiler errors and their location in the document.

func NewError

func NewError(context *Context, message string) *Error

NewError creates an Error.

func (*Error) Error

func (err *Error) Error() string

Error returns the string value of an Error.

type ErrorGroup

type ErrorGroup struct {
	Errors []error

ErrorGroup is a container for groups of Error values.

func (*ErrorGroup) Error

func (group *ErrorGroup) Error() string

type ExtensionHandler

type ExtensionHandler struct {
	Name string

ExtensionHandler describes a binary that is called by the compiler to handle specification extensions.

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