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xsdgen is a tool to automatically generate Go type declarations and associated methods based on one or more XML Schema.


xsdgen [-o file] [-ns xmlns] [-pkg name] [-r rule] file ...

Given a set of XML files containing <xsd:schema> declarations, xsdgen will create a new self-contained Go source file containing a type declaration for each type defined in the schema. The generated source file is self-contained and only depends on the Go standard library.

If the -ns flag is used, only types defined in schema with the specified target namespace will be declared in the Go source. The -ns flag may be used more than once. If -ns is not specified, types for all schema in all files will be declared.

The default package name and output file are "ws" and "xsdgen_output.go", and can be overridden by the -pkg and -o flags, respectively. The xsdgen command will try to fetch any schema dependencies before parsing.

The -r flag can be used to specify a series of replacement rules. A replacement rule is a string of the form

regex -> replacement

For example, the rule

Array_Of_soapenc_(.*) -> ${1}Array

will transform the identifier Array_Of_soapenc_boolean to booleanArray. All identifiers are passed through the defined substitution rules.

The xsdgen command may be used with the go generate command. Simply embed a comment in your go source like so:

//go:generate xsdgen -ns "http://example.net/ws/" schemafile.xml

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