Vulnerability Report: GO-2022-0536

standard library

Some HTTP/2 implementations are vulnerable to a reset flood, potentially leading to a denial of service. Servers that accept direct connections from untrusted clients could be remotely made to allocate an unlimited amount of memory, until the program crashes. The attacker opens a number of streams and sends an invalid request over each stream that should solicit a stream of RST_STREAM frames from the peer. Depending on how the peer queues the RST_STREAM frames, this can consume excess memory, CPU, or both.

Affected Packages

  • Path
  • before go1.11.13, from go1.12.0-0 before go1.12.8
    3 unexported affected symbols
    • http2serverConn.scheduleFrameWrite
    • http2serverConn.serve
    • http2serverConn.writeFrame
  • before v0.0.0-20190813141303-74dc4d7220e7




  • Jonathan Looney of Netflix


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