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qBittorrent Web API

Golang bindings for qBittorrent Web API

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const (
	// APIReferenceVersion contains the version of the API this libs is built against
	APIReferenceVersion = "2.5.1"


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type ApplicationPreferences

type ApplicationPreferences struct {
	AddTrackers                        *string      `json:"add_trackers"`              // List of trackers to add to new torrent
	AddTrackersEnabled                 *bool        `json:"add_trackers_enabled"`      // Enable automatic adding of trackers to new torrents
	AltDlLimit                         *int         `json:"alt_dl_limit"`              // Alternative global download speed limit in KiB/s [TODO]
	AltUpLimit                         *int         `json:"alt_up_limit"`              // Alternative global upload speed limit in KiB/s [TODO]
	AlternativeWebuiEnabled            *bool        `json:"alternative_webui_enabled"` // True if an alternative WebUI should be used
	AlternativeWebuiPath               *string      `json:"alternative_webui_path"`    // File path to the alternative WebUI
	AnnounceIP                         *string      `json:"announce_ip"`               // TODO
	AnnounceToAllTiers                 *bool        `json:"announce_to_all_tiers"`     // True always announce to all tiers
	AnnounceToAllTrackers              *bool        `json:"announce_to_all_trackers"`  // True always announce to all trackers in a tier
	AnonymousMode                      *bool        `json:"anonymous_mode"`            // If true anonymous mode will be enabled; read more here; this option is only available in qBittorent built against libtorrent version 0.16.X and higher
	AsyncIOThreads                     *int         `json:"async_io_threads"`          // Number of asynchronous I/O threads
	AutoDeleteMode                     *int         `json:"auto_delete_mode"`
	AutoTMMEnabled                     *bool        `json:"auto_tmm_enabled"`
	AutorunEnabled                     *bool        `json:"autorun_enabled"`                      // True if external program should be run after torrent has finished downloading
	AutorunProgram                     *string      `json:"autorun_program"`                      // Program path/name/arguments to run if autorun_enabled is enabled; path is separated by slashes; you can use %f and %n arguments, which will be expanded by qBittorent as path_to_torrent_file and torrent_name (from the GUI; not the .torrent file name) respectively
	BannedIPs                          *string      `json:"banned_IPs"`                           // List of banned IPs
	BittorrentProtocol                 *int         `json:"bittorrent_protocol"`                  // Bittorrent Protocol to use
	BypassAuthSubnetWhitelist          *string      `json:"bypass_auth_subnet_whitelist"`         // (White)list of ipv4/ipv6 subnets for which webui authentication should be bypassed; list entries are separated by commas
	BypassAuthSubnetWhitelistEnabled   *bool        `json:"bypass_auth_subnet_whitelist_enabled"` // True if webui authentication should be bypassed for clients whose ip resides within (at least) one of the subnets on the whitelist
	BypassLocalAuth                    *bool        `json:"bypass_local_auth"`                    // True if authentication challenge for loopback address ( should be disabled
	CategoryChangedTmmEnabled          *bool        `json:"category_changed_tmm_enabled"`         // True if torrent should be relocated when its Category's save path changes
	CheckingMemoryUse                  *int         `json:"checking_memory_use"`                  // Outstanding memory when checking torrents in MiB
	CreateSubfolderEnabled             *bool        `json:"create_subfolder_enabled"`
	CurrentInterfaceAddress            *string      `json:"current_interface_address"`             // IP Address to bind to. Empty String means All addresses.
	CurrentNetworkInterface            *string      `json:"current_network_interface"`             // Network Interface used
	DHT                                *bool        `json:"dht"`                                   // True if DHT is enabled
	DiskCache                          *int         `json:"disk_cache"`                            // Disk cache used in MiB
	DiskCacheTTL                       *int         `json:"disk_cache_ttl"`                        // Disk cache expiry interval in seconds
	DlLimit                            *int         `json:"dl_limit"`                              // Global download speed limit in KiB/s; -1 means no limit is applied
	DontCountSlowTorrents              *bool        `json:"dont_count_slow_torrents"`              // If true torrents w/o any activity (stalled ones) will not be counted towards max_active_* limits; see dont_count_slow_torrents for more information
	DyndnsDomain                       *string      `json:"dyndns_domain"`                         // Your DDNS domain name
	DyndnsEnabled                      *bool        `json:"dyndns_enabled"`                        // True if server DNS should be updated dynamically
	DyndnsPassword                     *string      `json:"dyndns_password"`                       // Password for DDNS service
	DyndnsService                      *int         `json:"dyndns_service"`                        // See list of possible values here below
	DyndnsUsername                     *string      `json:"dyndns_username"`                       // Username for DDNS service
	EmbeddedTrackerPort                *int         `json:"embedded_tracker_port"`                 // Port used for embedded tracker
	EnableCoalesceReadWrite            *bool        `json:"enable_coalesce_read_write"`            // True enables coalesce reads & writes
	EnableEmbeddedTracker              *bool        `json:"enable_embedded_tracker"`               // True enables embedded tracker
	EnableMultiConnectionsFromSameIP   *bool        `json:"enable_multi_connections_from_same_ip"` // True allows multiple connections from the same IP address
	EnableOsCache                      *bool        `json:"enable_os_cache"`                       // True enables os cache
	EnablePieceExtentAffinity          *bool        `json:"enable_piece_extent_affinity"`          // True if the advanced libtorrent option piece_extent_affinity is enabled
	EnableUploadSuggestions            *bool        `json:"enable_upload_suggestions"`             // True enables sending of upload piece suggestions
	Encryption                         *int         `json:"encryption"`                            // See list of possible values here below [TODO]
	ExportDir                          *string      `json:"export_dir"`                            // Path to directory to copy .torrent files to. Slashes are used as path separators
	ExportDirFin                       *string      `json:"export_dir_fin"`                        // Path to directory to copy .torrent files of completed downloads to. Slashes are used as path separators
	FilePoolSize                       *int         `json:"file_pool_size"`                        // File pool size
	IncompleteFilesExt                 *bool        `json:"incomplete_files_ext"`
	IPFilterEnabled                    *bool        `json:"ip_filter_enabled"`  // True if external IP filter should be enabled
	IPFilterPath                       *string      `json:"ip_filter_path"`     // Path to IP filter file (.dat, .p2p, .p2b files are supported); path is separated by slashes
	IPFilterTrackers                   *bool        `json:"ip_filter_trackers"` // True if IP filters are applied to trackers
	LimitLanPeers                      *bool        `json:"limit_lan_peers"`    // True if [du]l_limit should be applied to peers on the LAN
	LimitTCPOverhead                   *bool        `json:"limit_tcp_overhead"` // True if [du]l_limit should be applied to estimated TCP overhead (service data: e.g. packet headers)
	LimitUtpRate                       *bool        `json:"limit_utp_rate"`     // True if [du]l_limit should be applied to uTP connections; this option is only available in qBittorent built against libtorrent version 0.16.X and higher
	ListenPort                         *int         `json:"listen_port"`        // Port for incoming connections
	Locale                             *string      `json:"locale"`
	LSD                                *bool        `json:"lsd"`                            // True if Local Service Discovery is enabled
	MailNotificationAuthEnabled        *bool        `json:"mail_notification_auth_enabled"` // True if smtp server requires authentication
	MailNotificationEmail              *string      `json:"mail_notification_email"`        // e-mail to send notifications to
	MailNotificationEnabled            *bool        `json:"mail_notification_enabled"`      // True if e-mail notification should be enabled
	MailNotificationPassword           *string      `json:"mail_notification_password"`     // Password for smtp authentication
	MailNotificationSender             *string      `json:"mail_notification_sender"`       // e-mail where notifications should originate from
	MailNotificationSMTP               *string      `json:"mail_notification_smtp"`         // smtp server for e-mail notifications
	MailNotificationSslEnabled         *bool        `json:"mail_notification_ssl_enabled"`  // True if smtp server requires SSL connection
	MailNotificationUsername           *string      `json:"mail_notification_username"`     // Username for smtp authentication
	MaxActiveDownloads                 *int         `json:"max_active_downloads"`           // Maximum number of active simultaneous downloads
	MaxActiveTorrents                  *int         `json:"max_active_torrents"`            // Maximum number of active simultaneous downloads and uploads
	MaxActiveUploads                   *int         `json:"max_active_uploads"`             // Maximum number of active simultaneous uploads
	MaxConnec                          *int         `json:"max_connec"`                     // Maximum global number of simultaneous connections
	MaxConnecPerTorrent                *int         `json:"max_connec_per_torrent"`         // Maximum number of simultaneous connections per torrent
	MaxRatio                           *int         `json:"max_ratio"`                      // Get the global share ratio limit
	MaxRatioAct                        *int         `json:"max_ratio_act"`                  // Action performed when a torrent reaches the maximum share ratio.
	MaxRatioEnabled                    *bool        `json:"max_ratio_enabled"`              // True if share ratio limit is enabled
	MaxSeedingTime                     *int         `json:"max_seeding_time"`               // Number of minutes to seed a torrent
	MaxSeedingTimeEnabled              *bool        `json:"max_seeding_time_enabled"`       // True enables max seeding time
	MaxUploads                         *int         `json:"max_uploads"`                    // Maximum number of upload slots
	MaxUploadsPerTorrent               *int         `json:"max_uploads_per_torrent"`        // Maximum number of upload slots per torrent
	OutgoingPortsMax                   *int         `json:"outgoing_ports_max"`             // Maximal outgoing port (0: Disabled)
	OutgoingPortsMin                   *int         `json:"outgoing_ports_min"`             // Minimal outgoing port (0: Disabled)
	PeX                                *bool        `json:"pex"`                            // True if PeX is enabled
	PreallocateAll                     *bool        `json:"preallocate_all"`
	ProxyAuthEnabled                   *bool        `json:"proxy_auth_enabled"`                  // True proxy requires authentication; doesn't apply to SOCKS4 proxies
	ProxyIP                            *string      `json:"proxy_ip"`                            // Proxy IP address or domain name
	ProxyPassword                      *string      `json:"proxy_password"`                      // Password for proxy authentication
	ProxyPeerConnections               *bool        `json:"proxy_peer_connections"`              // True if peer and web seed connections should be proxified; this option will have any effect only in qBittorent built against libtorrent version 0.16.X and higher
	ProxyPort                          *int         `json:"proxy_port"`                          // Proxy port
	ProxyTorrentsOnly                  *bool        `json:"proxy_torrents_only"`                 // True if proxy is only used for torrents
	ProxyType                          *int         `json:"proxy_type"`                          // See list of possible values here below
	ProxyUsername                      *string      `json:"proxy_username"`                      // Username for proxy authentication
	QueueingEnabled                    *bool        `json:"queueing_enabled"`                    // True if torrent queuing is enabled
	RandomPort                         *bool        `json:"random_port"`                         // True if the port is randomly selected
	RecheckCompletedTorrents           *bool        `json:"recheck_completed_torrents"`          // True rechecks torrents on completion
	ResolvePeerCountries               *bool        `json:"resolve_peer_countries"`              // True resolves peer countries
	RSSAutoDownloadingEnabled          *bool        `json:"rss_auto_downloading_enabled"`        // Enable auto-downloading of torrents from the RSS feeds
	RSSDownloadRepackProperEpisodes    *bool        `json:"rss_download_repack_proper_episodes"` // Enable downloading of repack/proper Episodes
	RSSMaxArticlesPerFeed              *int         `json:"rss_max_articles_per_feed"`           // Max stored articles per RSS feed
	RSSProcessingEnabled               *bool        `json:"rss_processing_enabled"`              // Enable processing of RSS feeds
	RSSRefreshInterval                 *int         `json:"rss_refresh_interval"`                // RSS refresh interval
	RSSSmartEpisodeFilters             *string      `json:"rss_smart_episode_filters"`           // List of RSS Smart Episode Filters
	SavePath                           *string      `json:"save_path"`                           // Default save path for torrents, separated by slashes
	SavePathChangedTmmEnabled          *bool        `json:"save_path_changed_tmm_enabled"`       // True if torrent should be relocated when the default save path changes
	SaveResumeDataInterval             *int         `json:"save_resume_data_interval"`           // Save resume data interval in min
	ScanDirs                           *interface{} `json:"scan_dirs"`                           // Property: directory to watch for torrent files, value: where torrents loaded from this directory should be downloaded to (see list of possible values below). Slashes are used as path separators; multiple key/value pairs can be specified
	ScheduleFromHour                   *int         `json:"schedule_from_hour"`                  // Scheduler starting hour
	ScheduleFromMin                    *int         `json:"schedule_from_min"`                   // Scheduler starting minute
	ScheduleToHour                     *int         `json:"schedule_to_hour"`                    // Scheduler ending hour
	ScheduleToMin                      *int         `json:"schedule_to_min"`                     // Scheduler ending minute
	SchedulerDays                      *int         `json:"scheduler_days"`                      // Scheduler days. See possible values here below [TODO]
	SchedulerEnabled                   *bool        `json:"scheduler_enabled"`                   // True if alternative limits should be applied according to schedule
	SendBufferLowWatermark             *int         `json:"send_buffer_low_watermark"`           // Send buffer low watermark in KiB
	SendBufferWatermark                *int         `json:"send_buffer_watermark"`               // Send buffer watermark in KiB
	SendBufferWatermarkFactor          *int         `json:"send_buffer_watermark_factor"`        // Send buffer watermark factor in percent
	SlowTorrentDlRateThreshold         *int         `json:"slow_torrent_dl_rate_threshold"`      // Download rate in KiB/s for a torrent to be considered "slow"
	SlowTorrentInactiveTimer           *int         `json:"slow_torrent_inactive_timer"`         // Seconds a torrent should be inactive before considered "slow"
	SlowTorrentUlRateThreshold         *int         `json:"slow_torrent_ul_rate_threshold"`      // Upload rate in KiB/s for a torrent to be considered "slow"
	SocketBacklogSize                  *int         `json:"socket_backlog_size"`                 // Socket backlog size
	StartPausedEnabled                 *bool        `json:"start_paused_enabled"`
	StopTrackerTimeout                 *int         `json:"stop_tracker_timeout"` // Timeout in seconds for a stopped announce request to trackers
	TempPath                           *string      `json:"temp_path"`            // Path for incomplete torrents, separated by slashes
	TempPathEnabled                    *bool        `json:"temp_path_enabled"`    // True if folder for incomplete torrents is enabled
	TorrentChangedTmmEnabled           *bool        `json:"torrent_changed_tmm_enabled"`
	UpLimit                            *int         `json:"up_limit"`                               // Global upload speed limit in KiB/s; -1 means no limit is applied
	UploadChokingAlgorithm             *int         `json:"upload_choking_algorithm"`               // Upload choking algorithm used (see list of possible values below)
	UploadSlotsBehavior                **int        `json:"upload_slots_behavior"`                  // Upload slots behavior used (see list of possible values below)
	UPnP                               *bool        `json:"upnp"`                                   // True if UPnP/NAT-PMP is enabled
	UseHTTPS                           *bool        `json:"use_https"`                              // True if WebUI HTTPS access is enabled
	UtpTCPMixedMode                    *int         `json:"utp_tcp_mixed_mode"`                     // μTP-TCP mixed mode algorithm (see list of possible values below)
	WebUIAddress                       *string      `json:"web_ui_address"`                         // IP address to use for the WebUI
	WebUIBanDuration                   *int         `json:"web_ui_ban_duration"`                    // WebUI access ban duration in seconds
	WebUIClickjackingProtectionEnabled *bool        `json:"web_ui_clickjacking_protection_enabled"` // True if WebUI clickjacking protection is enabled
	WebUICsrfProtectionEnabled         *bool        `json:"web_ui_csrf_protection_enabled"`         // True if WebUI CSRF protection is enabled
	WebUICustomHTTPHeaders             *string      `json:"web_ui_custom_http_headers"`             // List of custom http headers
	WebUIDomainList                    *string      `json:"web_ui_domain_list"`                     // Comma-separated list of domains to accept when performing Host header validation
	WebUIHostHeaderValidationEnabled   *bool        `json:"web_ui_host_header_validation_enabled"`  // True if WebUI host header validation is enabled
	WebUIHTTPSCertPath                 *string      `json:"web_ui_https_cert_path"`                 // Path to SSL certificate
	WebUIHTTPSKeyPath                  *string      `json:"web_ui_https_key_path"`                  // Path to SSL keyfile
	WebUIMaxAuthFailCount              *int         `json:"web_ui_max_auth_fail_count"`             // Maximum number of authentication failures before WebUI access ban
	WebUIPort                          *int         `json:"web_ui_port"`                            // WebUI port
	WebUISecureCookieEnabled           *bool        `json:"web_ui_secure_cookie_enabled"`           // True if WebUI cookie Secure flag is enabled
	WebUISessionTimeout                *int         `json:"web_ui_session_timeout"`                 // Seconds until WebUI is automatically signed off
	WebUIUPnP                          *bool        `json:"web_ui_upnp"`                            // True if UPnP is used for the WebUI port
	WebUIUseCustomHTTPHeadersEnabled   *bool        `json:"web_ui_use_custom_http_headers_enabled"` // Enable custom http headers
	WebUIUsername                      *string      `json:"web_ui_username"`                        // WebUI username
	WebUIPassword                      *string      `json:"web_ui_password"`                        // Plaintext WebUI password, not readable, write-only.

ApplicationPreferences references all the user preferences within the remote server. When getting preferences, all fields should be instanciated. When setting preferences only non nil pointers will be pass to the final payload (targeted update). See https://github.com/qbittorrent/qBittorrent/wiki/Web-API-Documentation#get-application-preferences and https://github.com/qbittorrent/qBittorrent/wiki/Web-API-Documentation#set-application-preferences

type BuildInfo

type BuildInfo struct {
	QT         string `json:"qt"`         // QT version
	LibTorrent string `json:"libtorrent"` // libtorrent version
	Boost      string `json:"boost"`      // Boost version
	OpenSSL    string `json:"openssl"`    // OpenSSL version
	Bitness    int    `json:"bitness"`    // Application bitness (e.g. 64-bit)

BuildInfo contains all the compilation informations of a given remote server

type Controller

type Controller struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller is a statefull object allowing to interface the qBittorrent Web API on a particular endpoint. Must be instanciated with New().

func New

func New(apiEndpoint *url.URL, user, password string, customHTTPClient *http.Client) (c *Controller, err error)

New return a initialized and ready to use Controller. customHTTPClient can be nil

func (*Controller) GetAPIVersion

func (c *Controller) GetAPIVersion(ctx context.Context) (version string, err error)

GetAPIVersion returns the WebAPI version. https://github.com/qbittorrent/qBittorrent/wiki/Web-API-Documentation#get-api-version

func (*Controller) GetApplicationVersion

func (c *Controller) GetApplicationVersion(ctx context.Context) (version string, err error)

GetApplicationVersion returns the application version. https://github.com/qbittorrent/qBittorrent/wiki/Web-API-Documentation#get-application-version

func (*Controller) GetBuildInfo

func (c *Controller) GetBuildInfo(ctx context.Context) (infos BuildInfo, err error)

GetBuildInfo returns compilation informations of target server. https://github.com/qbittorrent/qBittorrent/wiki/Web-API-Documentation#get-build-info

func (*Controller) Login

func (c *Controller) Login(ctx context.Context) (err error)

Login performs a login against the remote qBittorrent server. If successfull, a cookie will be set within the http client and will be used for any further methods calls. Note that you do not need to call login yourself as it is called automatically if necessary. https://github.com/qbittorrent/qBittorrent/wiki/Web-API-Documentation#login

func (*Controller) Logout

func (c *Controller) Logout(ctx context.Context) (err error)

Logout performs a clean logout against the server, effectively cleaning upstream (and local) cookie. Recommended to call before exiting to leave a clean server state. https://github.com/qbittorrent/qBittorrent/wiki/Web-API-Documentation#logout

func (*Controller) Shutdown

func (c *Controller) Shutdown(ctx context.Context) (err error)

Shutdown stops the remote server. https://github.com/qbittorrent/qBittorrent/wiki/Web-API-Documentation#shutdown-application

type HTTPError

type HTTPError int

HTTPError contains a HTTP status code which was not acceptable

func (HTTPError) Error

func (he HTTPError) Error() string

type InternalError

type InternalError string

InternalError is an error that should not happen: if you encounter one, please open a bug report !

func (InternalError) Error

func (ie InternalError) Error() string

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