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Published: May 13, 2022 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 9 Imported by: 0


srrdb Terminal Client

A terminal client to access, written in Go.


Arch Linux users can use the community package srrdb-terminal-client.

Other users should simply download the latest release for their arch from here and move the executable to their $PATH.


See --help:

-v, --version
	Shows the version and bit of information.

-s, --search <query>[...]
	Searches for releases.
	For a list of available keywords see

-d, --download <dirname>[...]
	Download one or multiple SRR files from
	-e, --extension=<extension>
		Saves only files with the specified extension from the SRR file.
		You can prune file paths with --prunePaths.
	-o, --stdout
		Print file data to stdout instead of saving the file.

-u, --upload <filename>[...]
	Uploads one or multiple files to
	-n, --username=<username> and -p, --password=<password>
		If you provide this it will post files using this account.
	-r, --release=<dirname>
		If you provide this it will post stored files to the specified release.
		Note that you need a valid login for this.
	-f, --folder=<folder>
		Optional to --release, this will set the folder of the stored files.

Tips for aliases

You're propably better off to use aliases for up- and downloading:

alias "srrdown"="srrdb --download --prunePaths"
alias "srrup"="srrdb --upload --username hashworks --password '"'foo$$bar'"'"


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