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const AuthCookieName = "token"

AuthCookieName is the name of the cookie containing the token.

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const AuthHeaderName = "X-Vault-Token"

AuthHeaderName is the name of the header containing the token.


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func Handler

func Handler(core *vault.Core) http.Handler

Handler returns an http.Handler for the API. This can be used on its own to mount the Vault API within another web server.

func TestListener

func TestListener(t *testing.T) (net.Listener, string)

func TestServer

func TestServer(t *testing.T, core *vault.Core) (net.Listener, string)

func TestServerAuth

func TestServerAuth(t *testing.T, addr string, token string)

func TestServerWithListener

func TestServerWithListener(t *testing.T, ln net.Listener, addr string, core *vault.Core)


type Auth

type Auth struct {
	ClientToken   string            `json:"client_token"`
	Policies      []string          `json:"policies"`
	Metadata      map[string]string `json:"metadata"`
	LeaseDuration int               `json:"lease_duration"`
	Renewable     bool              `json:"renewable"`

type EnableAuthRequest

type EnableAuthRequest struct {
	Type        string `json:"type"`
	Description string `json:"description"`

type ErrorResponse

type ErrorResponse struct {
	Errors []string `json:"errors"`

type HealthResponse

type HealthResponse struct {
	Initialized bool `json:"initialized"`
	Sealed      bool `json:"sealed"`
	Standby     bool `json:"standby"`

type InitRequest

type InitRequest struct {
	SecretShares    int `json:"secret_shares"`
	SecretThreshold int `json:"secret_threshold"`

type InitResponse

type InitResponse struct {
	Keys      []string `json:"keys"`
	RootToken string   `json:"root_token"`

type InitStatusResponse

type InitStatusResponse struct {
	Initialized bool `json:"initialized"`

type LeaderResponse

type LeaderResponse struct {
	HAEnabled     bool   `json:"ha_enabled"`
	IsSelf        bool   `json:"is_self"`
	LeaderAddress string `json:"leader_address"`

type LogicalResponse

type LogicalResponse struct {
	LeaseID       string                 `json:"lease_id"`
	Renewable     bool                   `json:"renewable"`
	LeaseDuration int                    `json:"lease_duration"`
	Data          map[string]interface{} `json:"data"`
	Auth          *Auth                  `json:"auth"`

type MountRequest

type MountRequest struct {
	Type        string `json:"type"`
	Description string `json:"description"`

type RekeyRequest added in v0.2.0

type RekeyRequest struct {
	SecretShares    int `json:"secret_shares"`
	SecretThreshold int `json:"secret_threshold"`

type RekeyStatusResponse added in v0.2.0

type RekeyStatusResponse struct {
	Started  bool `json:"started"`
	T        int  `json:"t"`
	N        int  `json:"n"`
	Progress int  `json:"progress"`
	Required int  `json:"required"`

type RekeyUpdateRequest added in v0.2.0

type RekeyUpdateRequest struct {
	Key string

type RekeyUpdateResponse added in v0.2.0

type RekeyUpdateResponse struct {
	Complete bool     `json:"complete"`
	Keys     []string `json:"keys"`

type RemountRequest

type RemountRequest struct {
	From string `json:"from"`
	To   string `json:"to"`

type RenewRequest

type RenewRequest struct {
	Increment int `json:"increment"`

type SealStatusResponse

type SealStatusResponse struct {
	Sealed   bool `json:"sealed"`
	T        int  `json:"t"`
	N        int  `json:"n"`
	Progress int  `json:"progress"`

type UnsealRequest

type UnsealRequest struct {
	Key string

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