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const (
	DefaultConcurrency = 1
	DefaultProvider    = "memory"


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func DisableImages added in v0.6.0

func DisableImages() func(*jsOptions)

func Headfull added in v0.2.2

func Headfull() func(*jsOptions)

Headfull is a helper function to create a headfull browser. Use it as a parameter to WithJS.

func WithCache

func WithCache(cacheType, cachePath string) func(*Config) error

WithCache sets the cache type and path of the app.

func WithConcurrency

func WithConcurrency(concurrency int) func(*Config) error

WithConcurrency sets the concurrency of the app.

func WithExitOnInactivity added in v0.5.0

func WithExitOnInactivity(duration time.Duration) func(*Config) error

WithExitOnInactivity sets the duration after which the app will exit if there are no more jobs to run.

func WithInitJob added in v0.4.3

func WithInitJob(job scrapemate.IJob) func(*Config) error

WithInitJob sets the initial job of the app.

func WithJS

func WithJS(opts ...func(*jsOptions)) func(*Config) error

WithJS sets the app to use JavaScript to render the pages.

func WithProvider

func WithProvider(provider scrapemate.JobProvider) func(*Config) error

WithProvider sets the provider of the app.


type Config added in v0.3.0

type Config struct {
	// Concurrency is the number of concurrent scrapers to run.
	// If not set, it defaults to 1.
	Concurrency int `validate:"required,gte=1"`

	// Cache is the cache to use for storing scraped data.
	// If left empty then no caching will be used.
	// Otherwise the CacheType must be one of file or leveldb.
	CacheType string `validate:"omitempty,oneof=file leveldb"`
	// CachePath is the path to the cache file or directory.
	// It is required to be a valid path if CacheType is set.
	CachePath string `validate:"required_with=CacheType"`

	// UseJS is whether to use JavaScript to render the page.
	UseJS bool `validate:"omitempty"`
	// JSOpts are the options for the JavaScript renderer.
	JSOpts jsOptions

	// ProviderType is the type of provider to use.
	// It is required to be a valid type if Provider is set.
	// If not set the memory provider will be used.
	Provider scrapemate.JobProvider

	// Writers are the writers to use for writing the results.
	// At least one writer must be provided.
	Writers []scrapemate.ResultWriter `validate:"required,gt=0"`
	// InitJob is the job to initialize the app with.
	InitJob scrapemate.IJob
	// ExitOnInactivityDuration is whether to exit the app when there are no more jobs to run.
	ExitOnInactivityDuration time.Duration

func NewConfig

func NewConfig(writers []scrapemate.ResultWriter, options ...func(*Config) error) (*Config, error)

NewConfig creates a new config with default values.

type ScrapemateApp

type ScrapemateApp struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewScrapeMateApp

func NewScrapeMateApp(cfg *Config) (*ScrapemateApp, error)

NewScrapemateApp creates a new ScrapemateApp.

func (*ScrapemateApp) Close

func (app *ScrapemateApp) Close() error

Close closes the app.

func (*ScrapemateApp) Start

func (app *ScrapemateApp) Start(ctx context.Context, seedJobs ...scrapemate.IJob) error

Start starts the app.

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