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var (
	// ErrParameter definitions
	ErrParameter = errors.New("The value entered must be of type string, int, float64, or bool")


func CreateConfigFileTemplate

func CreateConfigFileTemplate(fileCreationPath string) string

CreateConfigFileTemplate creates a templated json file used in NewClientFromFile. Otherwise the file format for NewClientFromFile is

	"domain": "enter domain",
	"realm": "enter realm",
	"consumer_key": "enter key",
	"consumer_secrect": "enter secrect key",
	"email": "enter email",
	"password": "enter password"

the fileCreationPath is returned incase a path is needed


type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client holds all the auth data and wraps calls around Go's *http.Client Concurrency is left up to the user

func NewClient

func NewClient(creds Credentials, debug bool) (*Client, error)

NewClient creates the basic Openx3 *Client via oauth1

func NewClientFromFile

func NewClientFromFile(filePath string, debug bool) (*Client, error)

NewClientFromFile parses a JSON file to grab your Openx creds

func (*Client) Delete

func (c *Client) Delete(url string, data io.Reader) (*http.Response, error)

Delete creates a delete request

func (*Client) Get

func (c *Client) Get(url string, urlParms map[string]interface{}) (*http.Response, error)

Get is simailiar to the normal Go *http.client.Get, except string parameters can be passed in the url or the as a map[string]interface{}

func (*Client) LogOff

func (c *Client) LogOff() (res *http.Response, err error)

LogOff sets the created session to an empty http.client

func (*Client) Options

func (c *Client) Options() (*http.Response, error)

Options is a wrapper for a GET request that has the /options endpoint already passed in

func (*Client) Post

func (c *Client) Post(url string, data io.Reader) (*http.Response, error)

Post is a wrapper for the basic Go *http.client.Post, however content type is automatically set to application/json

func (*Client) PostForm

func (c *Client) PostForm(url string, data url.Values) (*http.Response, error)

PostForm is a wrapper for the basic Go *http.client.PostForm

func (*Client) Put

func (c *Client) Put(url string, data io.Reader) (*http.Response, error)

Put creates a put request

type Credentials

type Credentials struct {
	Domain          string `json:"domain"`
	Realm           string `json:"realm"`
	ConsumerKey     string `json:"consumer_key"`
	ConsumerSecrect string `json:"consumer_secrect"`
	Email           string `json:"email"`
	Password        string `json:"password"`

Credentials are to filled in order to auth into openx

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