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Copyright 2024 BeyondTrust. All rights reserved. utils responsible for utility functions.

Copyright 2024 BeyondTrust. All rights reserved. Package utils implements inputs validations



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func ValidateInputs

func ValidateInputs(clientId string, clientSecret string, apiUrl *string, clientTimeOutinSeconds int, separator *string, verifyCa bool, logger logging.Logger, certificate string, certificate_key string, retryMaxElapsedTimeMinutes *int, maxFileSecretSizeBytes *int) error

ValidateInputs is responsible for validating end-user inputs.

func ValidatePaths

func ValidatePaths(secretPaths []string, isManagedAccount bool, separator string, logger logging.Logger) []string

This method is responsbile for validating that the paths and names are valid.

func ValidateURL

func ValidateURL(apiUrl string) error

ValidateURL responsible for validating the Password Safe API URL.


type HttpClientObj

type HttpClientObj struct {
	HttpClient *http.Client
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

HttpClientObj responsible for http request instance.

func GetHttpClient

func GetHttpClient(clientTimeOut int, verifyCa bool, certificate string, certificate_key string, logger logging.Logger) (*HttpClientObj, error)

GetHttpClient is responsible for configuring an HTTP client and transport for API calls.

func (*HttpClientObj) CallSecretSafeAPI

func (client *HttpClientObj) CallSecretSafeAPI(url string, httpMethod string, body bytes.Buffer, method string, accesToken string) (io.ReadCloser, int, error, error)

CallSecretSafeAPI prepares http call

func (*HttpClientObj) HttpRequest

func (client *HttpClientObj) HttpRequest(url string, method string, body bytes.Buffer, accesToken string) (closer io.ReadCloser, scode int, technicalError error, businessError error)

HttpRequest makes http request to the server.

type UserInputValidaton

type UserInputValidaton struct {
	ClientId               string `validate:"required,min=36,max=36"`
	ClientSecret           string `validate:"required,min=36,max=64"`
	ApiUrl                 string `validate:"required,http_url"`
	ClientTimeOutinSeconds int    `validate:"gte=1,lte=300"`
	Separator              string `validate:"required,min=1,max=1"`
	VerifyCa               bool   `validate:"required"`
	MaxFileSecretSizeBytes int    `validate:"gte=1,lte=5000000"`

UserInputValidaton responsible for input paramerter validation.

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