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type Multi

type Multi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Multi implements jet.Loader interface and tries to load templates from a list of custom loaders. Caution: When multiple loaders have templates with the same name, the order in which you pass loaders to NewLoader/AddLoaders dictates which template will be returned by Open when you request it!

func NewLoader

func NewLoader(loaders ...jet.Loader) *Multi

NewLoader returns a new multi loader. The order of the loaders passed as parameters will define the order in which templates are loaded.

func (*Multi) AddLoaders

func (m *Multi) AddLoaders(loaders ...jet.Loader)

AddLoaders adds the passed loaders to the list of loaders.

func (*Multi) ClearLoaders

func (m *Multi) ClearLoaders()

ClearLoaders clears the list of loaders.

func (*Multi) Exists

func (m *Multi) Exists(name string) bool

Exists checks all loaders in succession, returning true if the template file was found or false if no loader can provide the file.

func (*Multi) Open

func (m *Multi) Open(name string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

Open will open the file passed by trying all loaders in succession.

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