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Package handlers provides HTTP handlers



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type ErrorCode

type ErrorCode string

ErrorCode represents different error codes returned by the API

const (
	ErrInternal     ErrorCode = "internal-error"
	ErrUnauthorized ErrorCode = "unauthorized"

type Handler

type Handler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Handler provides an interface to handle different HTTP request

func New

func New(store *store.Store, config *config.Config, logger *log.Logger) *Handler

New returns a new handler with all required services injected

func (*Handler) AuthCode

func (h *Handler) AuthCode(c echo.Context) error

AuthCode validates the 2FA code

func (*Handler) AuthLogin

func (h *Handler) AuthLogin(c echo.Context) error

AuthLogin logs a user in

func (*Handler) AuthRefresh

func (h *Handler) AuthRefresh(c echo.Context) error

AuthRefresh refreshes the JWT token

func (*Handler) AuthRegister

func (h *Handler) AuthRegister(c echo.Context) error

AuthRegister registers a new user

func (*Handler) AuthRegisterCode

func (h *Handler) AuthRegisterCode(c echo.Context) error

AuthRegisterCode enables 2FA for a user

func (*Handler) CreateDirect

func (h *Handler) CreateDirect(c echo.Context) error

CreateDirect creates a direct room

func (*Handler) CreateInvite

func (h *Handler) CreateInvite(c echo.Context) error

CreateInvite creates an invite link and returns it

func (*Handler) CreateRoom

func (h *Handler) CreateRoom(c echo.Context) error

CreateRoom handles incoming requests to create a room

func (*Handler) CreateServer

func (h *Handler) CreateServer(c echo.Context) error

CreateServer handles incoming requests

func (*Handler) DeleteDirect

func (h *Handler) DeleteDirect(c echo.Context) error

DeleteDirect deletes a direct room identified by it's name

func (*Handler) DeleteInvite

func (h *Handler) DeleteInvite(c echo.Context) error

DeleteInvite deletes an invite link indentified by it's name

func (*Handler) DeleteRoom

func (h *Handler) DeleteRoom(c echo.Context) error

DeleteRoom handles incoming requests to delete one room

func (*Handler) DeleteServer

func (h *Handler) DeleteServer(c echo.Context) error

DeleteServer deletes a server identified by it's hash

func (*Handler) ForwardSDP

func (h *Handler) ForwardSDP(c echo.Context) error

func (*Handler) GetAvatar

func (h *Handler) GetAvatar(c echo.Context) error

func (*Handler) GetDirect

func (h *Handler) GetDirect(c echo.Context) error

GetDirect returns a direct room identified by it's name

func (*Handler) GetImage

func (h *Handler) GetImage(c echo.Context) error

GetImage handles image requests

func (*Handler) GetInvite

func (h *Handler) GetInvite(c echo.Context) error

GetInvite handles the invite when a user enters an invite link

func (*Handler) GetKey

func (h *Handler) GetKey(c echo.Context) error

GetKey returns the public key of a given user

func (*Handler) GetMessagingChannel

func (h *Handler) GetMessagingChannel(c echo.Context) error

GetMessagingChannel opens a websocket used for messaging

func (*Handler) GetMessagingToken

func (h *Handler) GetMessagingToken(c echo.Context) error

GetMessagingToken returns an auth token to subscribe to the messaging websocket

func (*Handler) GetProfile

func (h *Handler) GetProfile(c echo.Context) error

GetProfile returns the public profile information of a given user

func (*Handler) GetRoom

func (h *Handler) GetRoom(c echo.Context) error

GetRoom handles incoming requests to get one room

func (*Handler) GetRooms

func (h *Handler) GetRooms(c echo.Context) error

GetRooms handles incoming requests to get multiple rooms

func (*Handler) GetServer

func (h *Handler) GetServer(c echo.Context) error

GetServer returns a server identified by it's hash

func (*Handler) GetServers

func (h *Handler) GetServers(c echo.Context) error

GetServers returns all servers

func (*Handler) GetUserServers

func (h *Handler) GetUserServers(c echo.Context) error

GetUserServers returns all servers the user is a member of

func (*Handler) GetVideo

func (h *Handler) GetVideo(c echo.Context) error

GetVideo handles video requests

func (*Handler) JoinCall

func (h *Handler) JoinCall(c echo.Context) error

func (*Handler) NewCall

func (h *Handler) NewCall(c echo.Context) error

NewCall initiates a new call

func (*Handler) Ping

func (h *Handler) Ping(c echo.Context) error

func (*Handler) PutUserServer

func (h *Handler) PutUserServer(c echo.Context) error

PutUserServer adds one new server to the users list of servers he is a member of

func (*Handler) RunHubs

func (h *Handler) RunHubs()

RunHubs runs the different broadcasting hubs

func (*Handler) UpdateAvatar

func (h *Handler) UpdateAvatar(c echo.Context) error

func (*Handler) UpdateDirect

func (h *Handler) UpdateDirect(c echo.Context) error

UpdateDirect updates a direct room

func (*Handler) UpdateRoom

func (h *Handler) UpdateRoom(c echo.Context) error

UpdateRoom handles incoming requests to update one room

func (*Handler) UpdateServer

func (h *Handler) UpdateServer(c echo.Context) error

UpdateServer updates a server

type Map

type Map map[string]interface{}

Map is a wrapper for an map[string]interface{}, which gets used in JSON responses

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