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The program acme-lsp is a client for the acme text editor that acts as a proxy for a set of Language Server Protocol servers.

A Language Server implements the Language Server Protocol (see, which provides language features like auto complete, go to definition, find all references, etc. Acme-lsp depends on one or more language servers already being installed in the system. See this page of a list of language servers:

Acme-lsp is optionally configured using a TOML-based configuration file located at UserConfigDir/acme-lsp/config.toml (the -showconfig flag prints the exact location). The command line flags will override the configuration values. The configuration options are described here:

Acme-lsp executes or connects to a set of LSP servers described in the configuration file or in the -server or -dial flags. It then listens for messages sent by the L command, which direct acme-lsp to run commands on the LSP servers and apply/show the results in acme. The communication protocol used here is an implementation detail that is subject to change.

Acme-lsp watches for files created (New), loaded (Get), saved (Put), or deleted (Del) in acme, and tells the LSP server about these changes. The LSP server in turn responds by sending diagnostics information (compiler errors, lint errors, etc.) which are shown in a "/LSP/Diagnostics" window. Also, when Put is executed in an acme window, acme-lsp will organize import paths in the window and format it by default. This behavior can be changed by the FormatOnPut and CodeActionsOnPut configuration options.

	Usage: acme-lsp [flags]

  -acme.addr string
    	address where acme is serving 9P file system (default "/tmp/ns.fhs.:0/acme") string
    	network where acme is serving 9P file system (default "unix")
    	turn on debugging prints (deprecated: use -v)
  -dial value
    	language server address for filename match (e.g. '\.go$:localhost:4389')
  -proxy.addr string
    	address used for communication between acme-lsp and L (default "/tmp/ns.fhs.:0/acme-lsp.rpc") string
    	network used for communication between acme-lsp and L (default "unix")
  -rootdir string
    	root directory used for LSP initialization. (default "/")
  -server value
    	language server command for filename match (e.g. '\.go$:gopls')
    	show configuration values and exit
  -v	Verbose output
  -workspaces string
    	colon-separated list of initial workspace directories

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